Upgrading to Sage 50cloud Archive reports

Hi I've had to have a new computer to accept Sage 50cloud and we are running Sage from my computer rather than a new server, I've just gone into archive and I have no archived reports in there, can anyone advise where I can find these reports or have I lost them upgrading the software?


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    When moving computers you need to ensure you do an "All Files Backup" this would include data like Archives, reports and layouts.

    If you still have your old computer with Sage installed on you could still back these up if it was something that was missed without overwriting your new accounts data.

    On your old PC

    1. Go to File > Backup

    2. Un-tick Data Files but tick all other options (Including Reports / Company Archives) >You may have a separate tab for this depending on version)

    3. Back this up to a memory stick

    On your new PC

    1. Go to FIle > Restore

    2. Browse to your backup and click OK to restore it.

    This will leave your Accounts data but replace any reports that you may not of previously backed up.

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