• Bank reconciliation - Your questions answered

    To help you get it right every time, we've created a guide covering the most common questions around bank reconciliation in Sage 50cloud Accounts.

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  • Make bank reconciliation easier

    When you do a bank reconciliation, to make it easier to find each transaction you can sort the Un-matched transactions window. For example, you may want to sort transactions by date to match the order on your bank statement, or you may prefer to sort…

  • Undo a bank reconciliation

    Sometimes you might reconcile a bank transaction in error, or you may even want to undo a bank reconciliation altogether and start again. Don't worry, there's a few ways you can do this in your software.

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  • Reversing a bank reconciliation

    Bank Reconciliation in Sage 50cloud Accounts is the process of ticking off real life bank transactions against those recorded in your software, but what if you get lost off along the way? Don't panic, in version 25 of the software we introduced an option…