• Prevent the selection of XI and XU when entering your company details

    The new XI and XU country codes were added for use in the Republic of Ireland only (to be selected against customer and supplier accounts in Northern Ireland (XI) and potentially GB (XU).

    It should not be possible to select these country codes in Company…

  • Reduced hospitality VAT Rate ends

    On 1 April 2022, the standard VAT rate for the hospitality sector reverts back to 20%. Find out how to manage this in your Sage software.

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  • Finding the right tax code

    Our tax code finder article can help you find the right tax code to use when recording sales and purchases in Sage 200. Why not bookmark it so it's handy when you need to check?

    Tax code finder >

  • Automatically generate Credit Note for VAT only as a sales and purchase - client request

    In Sage 50 when importing goods we can process and invoice using a T18 code. This automatically generates a credit note for the VAT only and shows the VAT correctly in the VAT return as a sale and purchase. Can this be replicated in Sage 200?

  • Sage 200 Purchase orders - Our business is VAT exempt

    Hi,  We are a VAT exempt organisation. I am struggling to raise PO with the standard VAT for the supplier to process the PO, and then to have automation process the purchase invoice that will have VAT that we cannot reclaim by posting the VAT element to…

  • EU VAT


    We have recently registered for VAT in Netherlands. We are going to be selling within the Netherlands and as such will need to charge Dutch VAT. My question is how do we account for that VAT in Sage (200)? 

    Is it possible to have multiple VAT registrations…

  • Sage 200 Upgrade - Brexit Vat

    Hi all

    Does anyone know if Sage 200 customers running earlier versions will need to upgrade their software before 31st December subject to the article below?

    Or can they simply create new tax codes 


  • Bank Payment Refunds are treated as purchases on VAT return - should be negative income

    We are an Academy and have had to process lots of parent refunds for cancelled school trips.  We are also VAT registered and partially exempt.  The refunds are processed as VATable payments with an outside the scope VAT code in order for them to be captured…

  • VAT Code for SOP to pick up from SOP Delivery Address when Delivery Address is a different country


    VAT Code not pulling through to SOP if SOP Delivery Address is in a different country and uses a different VAT Code to the Stock Item or Default Trading VAT Code. 



    Our Client is using Sage 200 with their Country Code set to GB. 

    They have…

  • Tax rates to use in Sage 200cloud

    If you're VAT registered, it's important to apply the correct tax rates in your accounts. The following article outlines some popular goods and services and the tax rates that apply:

    Tax rates for popular goods and services

    You can also use the…

  • Increase VAT codes


    Would it be possible to increase the number of VAT codes available. I understand currently that you can have up to T99 available but it is not possible to have 3 digits i.e. 100-999. For those with complex VAT situations this would be extremely useful…

  • Importing journals to Sage

    My team has many journals linked to excel working papers which are uploaded for, amongst other things, recording sales.  The values are coded correctly for P&L/BS treatment but does anyone know how journals can be posted to then impact the VAT return? …

  • Change supplier Invoice & Credit entry screens in respect of Gross calculation & EC Supplies

    For a long time now Sage users have been processing supplier invoices against EC Suppliers & as part of this if it is against a (usually) taxable supply you would select tax code 8 (E C Standard rate at 20%). This is to allow for the notional tax to be…

  • Ignore - should have posted as Idea!

    This is a really easy field to miss when processing purchase invoices and omission does not become obvious until month end when 126 report is run.  Could this be made a mandatory field if VAT is recorded please?

    Thank you,

  • VAT Transaction Report - extracted to cvs

    When you export the VAT transaction report to csv (so that you can create a proper table in excel) it exports Credit Notes as positive figures rather than negative.

    The EXCEL extract is not a usable alternative, due to the spaces / extra lines / etc.…

  • when correcting taxable cashbook transactions allow the option to post the correction in the output/input goods boxes on vat return

    I thought this had already been logged but I cannot find it 

    currently when you post a non taxable receipt and need to correct it (or vice versa) the payment will show in purchase goods column rather than remove it out the sales, this isnt really correct…

  • MTD and Visibility to the Sage 200 community of ongoing/ emerging issues


    I gather from speaking to one of the chaps on Sage 200 technical support that there may be emerging issues with trying to submit Making Tax Digital returns across a number of Sage applications. This manifests itself when the E-submission module gets…

  • VAT Code to be a column option when viewing Transaction Audit Trail List

    In Transaction Audit Trail List, it would be very useful to be able to include VAT Code as a column type in the view screen.

  • Process Pro Forma Invoices

    Can a routine be created to allow the processing of Pro Forma Invoices to allow for the correct processing of the VAT. Once the correct VAT Invoice has been received it then allows the VAT to update the VAT Return.

  • Obtaining the VAT Registration Entered in Nominal Transactions


    I'm not sure if this is possible through any form of reporting, but I have discovered that there doesn't appear to be a way to view the VAT Registration number that has been entered against a Nominal payment or receipt (i.e. for cheques/petty cash…

  • Sage MTD module v19042.1 that has Excel functionality

    I'm just reviewing an document issued by Sage titled 'MTD Module comparison' stating that Sage were developing the MTD module to have 'Excel as source of data' which had a response of :

    3This will require the use of the Excel report…

  • Charging employee for private mileage

    Hi, can anyone help me figure out how best to process charging our employees for private use fuel.

    We use the HMRC advisory fuel rate depending on the engine size of the car but what is the best way to process this through sage so that the VAT element…

  • EDUCATION - Rapid Invoice Narrative to Copy into VAT Details field

    When using rapid invoice entry there is nowhere at present to enter information that would fill in the VAT Details field as found on a standard invoice entry screen. (VAT Analysis Section)

    The result of this is that when you run a VAT126 report to submit…

  • VAT Transactions Report with Supplier/Customer Name not Reference


    Our supplier and customer accounts use a numerical reference for their ID, rather than letter based.  This means that when it comes to running a report for VAT transactions it is hard to identify the supplier or customer names for the transactions.

  • C79 returns, and carrying out journals with VAT element in order to claim back the Input VAT - can we have this ability to select VAT codes in journals unlocked in Sage 200, to bring it back in line with the functionality we had in Sage 50?

    Searching your Help Site under Sage 200, it gives us instructions on how to enter a Journal with VAT. However, there is no function on Sage 200 to enable us to actually do this, as the VAT is permanently locked to the T0 tax code (at least it is on my…