• Sage 200 Costing Method

    Hi all

    We are a manufacturing company that currently uses Standard Cost for components, Standard Cost for Finish Items ( Batch production), and Actual Cost for Bespoke Finish Items. 

    The problem we are having is regarding the Cost of Sales. We have been…

  • Sage 200 Import Supplier Transactions

    Hi Everyone, 

    Wondering if anyone can help please. We are importing supplier invoices into Sage 200, a single invoice will have multiple lines, so that we can see each line description in the nominal account. However in the Supplier account this invoice…

  • Unable to download sage files

    Can anyone from sage assist with this at all, I'm unable to download any files form the sage website, I need Sage 50 install file to complete a migration and sage 200 files. 

  • Pro-Forma Converted rather than completed

    In the list view currently, the document status for a converted pro-forma is completed.  I think it would be really helpful to have the status as converted rather than completed.

  • Copy Filters on List Views

    It would be a good idea to allow Filters on the List View to be copied and then allow you to amend. We have a site that has a lot of filters that are very similar and it would be useful to allow them to be able to copy the filter and then adjust it and…

  • Auto Refresh please!

    Why the manual click to refresh and see current data? What are the limitations that make this necessary?

    Can this be changed (or made optional - but why would you not want to?) so whenever a change takes place the refresh function happens automatically…

  • Bill of materials - Ability to rearrange toolbar icons please!

    We are able to select which icons appear in toolbars but cannot rearrange. eg. Having "delete" in the current location seems illogical as is "View".

    Drag and drop interfaces are commonplace in most applications nowadays, can we have…

  • Sage 200 MRP BoM costing out of memory error


    We have about 8000 BoM's in our MRP system and we have been trying to get them costed for quite a while. But every time we try and do a full cost roll up, it errors with an out of memory exception error. 

    Now I know you can do them by product group…

  • Automatically generate Credit Note for VAT only as a sales and purchase - client request

    In Sage 50 when importing goods we can process and invoice using a T18 code. This automatically generates a credit note for the VAT only and shows the VAT correctly in the VAT return as a sale and purchase. Can this be replicated in Sage 200?

  • Sage 200 - Spanish language


    We are currently implementing Sage 200 - we have two companies which will be set up, one in £ sterling and the other in Euros.  Is it possible for the Euro Company to also use the SPanish language?

  • Purchase Order - e-mailed status

    Like there is for Print Status in POP a column to show that it has been e-mailed.  These days it is e-mailed more than printed and the print status updates to PRINTED even if just previewed so need a separate column for E-mailed.

  • New Bank Feed for Emirates

    We have a request to add a bank feed for the following:

    1. Emirates Bank

    2. The client will be based in Dubai but using Sterling as base currency

    3. This has been discussed with Sage Support

    4. I am adding the idea as per the advice from Sage Suppor…

  • Report Designer, Expressions? or Conditional Formatting?


    I need some help with Report Designer, I am currently trying to make some alterations to a report that was created that displays a list of all of the outstanding PO's on our system and I would like to try and get the POPOrderReturns.RequestedDeliveryDate…

  • Read only access when moving to Sage 200

    I have a client who has recently moved to Sage 200 and now has a read only licence for historical pourposes.  However, now when he tries to drill down to a transaction attachment it is not available with the read only licence.  Can this be changed as it…

  • Realigning NL Codes across numerous Sage200 companies for Reporting

    Our set up is 20+ individual companies in Sage 200.   Through the years the NL Codes for the numerous Individual Companies have become out of sync.  My understanding of S200 is – When transactions have been assigned to a NL code the NL code cannot be changed…

  • Ability to cancel multiple works orders at once

    Currently works orders can only be cancelled one at a time - need the ability to cancel mutiple works order en masse either from the sales order they are linked to or within the works order list.

  • Expanding fields to allocate long texts on importing Invoices (with import guides from CSVs)

    Hi experts, 

    Coming from a small company that produce self-made product and customizations (so relation with client is key). We just purchase sage200 under the promise we could manage all invoicing and stock management, and rely on external consultant…

  • Add the database version to the Companies list in Sage 200 System Admin tool

    Can we add the database version to the Companies list in Sage 200 System Admin tool? If we are updating a lot of databases but cannot do them all in one go, being able to see the current database version would be very helpful.

  • Create Multiple Invices

    Hi, i have raise 30-40 invoices each month that are recurring (the volume is starting increasing).  i spoke Sage support to see if there was a way i can whereby you can upload a CSV list with all the required Invoices and will then create the invoice. 

  • Report Designer - Distribute and Extend

    With the report designer, can we have 2 more options for laying out objects? Can we have "distribute" which works with 3 or more objects and evenly distributes the objects between the first and last object's anchor points?  As per Visual…

  • Error on API Sales order submission

    I get this message on submission of so far only two orders out of hundreds

    "The selected item is inactive and cannot be used for this process"

    I've checked the products are active and the account isn't on hold 

    Supposedly a user was able…

  • Sage 200 Upgrade - Brexit Vat

    Hi all

    Does anyone know if Sage 200 customers running earlier versions will need to upgrade their software before 31st December subject to the article below?

    Or can they simply create new tax codes 


  • Attachments!

    You are currently able to save attachments to customer accounts, supplier accounts and purchase orders but not sales orders. Surely this would be an easy addition for Sage?

    It would be really helpful to add customer POs, CAD drawings, PODs etc

  • Do Sage check that their certified products are compatible with one another?

    We are trying to use both Datalinx Warehouse Manager and PaperLess invoice recognition software but the two are not compatible.

    Warehouse manager changes the way GRN's are produced in Sage i.e. when using Sage 200 normally a single GRN will be produced…

  • Business Partner User

    Add the ability to flag one of the user accounts as 'Business Partner' or 'Support' which doesn't use a licence and always allows the user to login. 

    When providing support/projects/assistance with a customer, it is common to end up…