• Sage 200 creates a new record in the Database after changes data

    Hello Team,
    I use Sage 200 API to receive data and sync them with my application.
    For receiving AR documents I use the following endpoint - api.columbus.sage.com/.../sales_transaction_views
    But, I detected that when I change the Invoice, Credit Notes…
  • Prevent the selection of XI and XU when entering your company details

    The new XI and XU country codes were added for use in the Republic of Ireland only (to be selected against customer and supplier accounts in Northern Ireland (XI) and potentially GB (XU).

    It should not be possible to select these country codes in Company…

  • Error during the Online Card Receipt

    Hello Team,

    I know that you are busy, so I'll be brief.
    Could you help me with the following issue?

    I tried to create an Online Card Receipt in Sage 200.
    But Sage returns the following error message:

    Could you clarify which settings I should apply to…
  • Show Analysis codes on Sales Invoice List in the Invoicing Module

    I think that it would be really useful if you could add columns for Analysis codes on the Sales Invoice List in the Invoicing module, in both Sage 200 Standard and Professional. It seems like an oversight that it is missing.

  • Sage 200 - Customer and supplier address

    Within the customer and supplier company address you have a country field and also country field under the trading tab section for the VAT number.  Can both country fields be an option on the display columns?

  • Time zone mismatch

    Hello Team,

    I have a question about the time zone mismatch.

    I found the following issue.

    To receive customers we use two endpoints:


  • How to receive allocations using API

    Hello Team,

    I am creating the integration process with Sage 200 using the following API - developer.columbus.sage.com/docs

    But I cannot find the method how to receive created allocations.
    For example, I paid the Invoice using a Receipt.

    Which API method…

  • Enable Batch Processing for Update of Supplier Stock Items

    Currently, it is only possible to update supplier catalogue stock item records one at a time; eg to make inactive.  It is not feasible to do this for a large number of items which are no longer available to purchase.  Would it be possible to have a batch…

  • Moving Sage 200 app server to a new server

    Hi, we are currently in the process of migrating our servers to Microsoft Azure. As part of this we would like to test Sage 200c Professional in Azure and determine client specifications etc..as I understand Azure Virtual Desktops is not supported.


  • Is it possible to integrate data from Sage 200 using access to the Sage database?

    Hello Team,

    Could you clarify, is it possible to integrate data from Sage 200 using access to the database?

  • Copy Filters on List Views

    It would be a good idea to allow Filters on the List View to be copied and then allow you to amend. We have a site that has a lot of filters that are very similar and it would be useful to allow them to be able to copy the filter and then adjust it and…

  • Customize form suddenly got error related to Sage library

    Hi all, I have a customize form that have been working for ages. On recent changes, it got error on customer side, while on my local PC the form is still working. Looking at the error, it is related to Sage library. The only difference from customer server…

  • Integration with Sage 200

    Hello Team,

    Could you please help me with the following questions?

    1) Is it possible to integrate data from Sage 200 via web API?
    2) Does Sage 200 have a cloud version? or it is just an On-Premise version?

  • POP Authorisation using Groups

    When POP Authorisation is set up using groups, when you have more than one group set up, it is the last person to authorise the PO whose name appears in the PO List as the Authoriser.  Our client is querying this as he believes that Auditors will query…

  • Restrict user access by country at the role level

    Within Sage Admin, have a filter that allows selection of one or more country codes from a sales and/or purchase ledger account, and restricts user access to records of those countries.

  • Realigning NL Codes across numerous Sage200 companies for Reporting

    Our set up is 20+ individual companies in Sage 200.   Through the years the NL Codes for the numerous Individual Companies have become out of sync.  My understanding of S200 is – When transactions have been assigned to a NL code the NL code cannot be changed…

  • Ability to cancel multiple works orders at once

    Currently works orders can only be cancelled one at a time - need the ability to cancel mutiple works order en masse either from the sales order they are linked to or within the works order list.

  • Make warehouse balances bigger within View Stock Item Balances screen. (or allow to be changed)

    Within the stock item balances screen the warehouse balances section is very small and the bin section is very big.

    For us this is quite annoying as we have up to 11 warehouses and very rarely more than 5 bin locations for each stock item.

    It would be…

  • Sage200 Rapid Quote Entry

    Have the ability to enter quotes in the rapid grid entry format as you can for orders by using the  'New Order Rapid' on Sage200.

  • Add the database version to the Companies list in Sage 200 System Admin tool

    Can we add the database version to the Companies list in Sage 200 System Admin tool? If we are updating a lot of databases but cannot do them all in one go, being able to see the current database version would be very helpful.

  • Password protect purchase orders and invoices

    In this ever increasing email world, it would be beneficial to use Sage 200 to password protect PDF purchase orders and invoices etc before sending out. However, this would need to assign unique passwords to each supplier or customer account.

    The only…

  • Allow traceable items to appear in invoicing

    currently you cannot select traceable items for invoicing, our customer needs to produce invoices for these types of items using the invoicing module 

  • Notification of Failed licence fetch in Sage 200 client

    If a server is failing to connect to the Sage Licensing site no notification is provided to the users of a failed fetch unless they log into Sage Administration.

    If this is not noticed in time all users / the whole site experience connection errors until…

  • Why can't I cancel an order that is part/fully received or part/fully invoiced?

    Why can't I cancel an order that is part/fully received or part/fully invoiced?

    My business has used the POP module in Sage 200 for a number of years and I only recently explored he possibility of using it for commitment reporting, i.e. goods received…

  • Commercial Invoice Date Criteria

    I need to add a criteria to our commercial invoice sage layout to allow filtering by despatch date. Essentially I need to be able to print the invoice with only items from the order that were despatched that day.

    Is anyone able to advise what would be…