• Sage Report Designer percentage increase in values?


    I have created a simple report that outputs information from purchase orders based on an item code or a supplier and it gives me when,whom and when those items where purchased, with po number quantity and unit buying price. 

    What I would like to do…

  • Upper / Lower Case | Sage Report Designer

    Hi all

    One of my colleagues has just asked the following.

    "Is there any function that converts the first character to the upper case and rests to the lower case? Such as ‘Proper’ in excel? "

    Many thanks 

  • SL Customer | Transactions | Query

    Hi all

    Where is the query data field stored?

    Many thanks 

  • Tooling information on Works Orders

    Not sure if anyone can help with this, but while we are using Sage 200 Manufacturing, I am trying to get the tool resources listed on the route card in the right sequence that it would need to go in, we do have multiple boms with multiple tools at different…

  • Sage 200 Report Designer - Join Not Detecting New Column in View

    On our picking list report we've got a join to an SQL view called 'SOPAdditionalChargeView' which is used to display the additional charge line for the order at the top of the picking list. Without going into too much detail I have added a column to this…

  • Report Designer transient data linking

    I am trying to work out how Sage/Report Designer link the data between the actual Sage tables and the transient tables that report designer uses. We print out some stock labels and the report uses a Stock_Label_5559 table for its data which is made up…

  • A way of printing multiple copies of documents

    It's not unusual to need multiple copies of some documents - for example, 3 copies of a despatch note, 1 for the office, 1 for the customer, 1 for the haulier.

    This Knowledge base article suggests setting it in the printer driver, but it can also…

  • How to do styling with Sage.Accounting.Reporting?

    Hi all,

    on one of my report, I need to do get the column header and its value dynamically. So now, I need to generate the header by coding. But now the header is plain and default font. I would like to do styling on the header. How to do font styling…

  • Sales Returns - How Do I Make Them Negative On A Report


    I have wrote a report which gives me sales by product, country's, analysis codes etc and is pulling through our w/o cost. 

    However I am really struggling with the logic of how I can turn sales returns into a negative number. Does anyone know the…

  • Report Designer, Expressions? or Conditional Formatting? (CONT)

    Further to my earlier post about conditional formatting. I now need to change it slightly and use a different field, but also to have 3 colours instead. I will see if I can explain it. 

    I have butchered a copy of the Purchase Orders and Returns report…

  • make template emails send as part of the authorisation process editable to make them more usefull

    As part of the authorisation process an email detailing the order lines is sent, to the relevant persons, in the authorisation process. 

    but this includes completed lines, lines that are completed shouldn't have to be authorised. 

    there are no due…

  • Report Designer, Expressions? or Conditional Formatting?


    I need some help with Report Designer, I am currently trying to make some alterations to a report that was created that displays a list of all of the outstanding PO's on our system and I would like to try and get the POPOrderReturns.RequestedDeliveryDate…

  • Report Designer - Distribute and Extend

    With the report designer, can we have 2 more options for laying out objects? Can we have "distribute" which works with 3 or more objects and evenly distributes the objects between the first and last object's anchor points?  As per Visual…

  • Invoice Layout

    Hi all, 

    Whenever I run a layout I would like to send it to the highlighted email address from the customer account.


    What would be the expression to add to the Email Settings?

    Many thanks 

  • Commercial Invoice Date Criteria

    I need to add a criteria to our commercial invoice sage layout to allow filtering by despatch date. Essentially I need to be able to print the invoice with only items from the order that were despatched that day.

    Is anyone able to advise what would be…

  • Report Designer - Sage 200 online - Conditional printing not working

    I have got a text box setup on the footer of the  SOP invoice layout.

    if I set single condition - say  print if the Account currency is USD  other wise suppress print  - then this works

    If however I set multiple conditions - print id Currency is USD or GBP…

  • Report to include on POP next requested date

    I'm trying to build a report that includes each stock item's next purchase order delivery requested date.  So I'm trying to create a SQL view ideally returning

    • ItemID
    • NextRequestedDeliveryDate
    • (Purchase Order) DocumentNo.

    I'll then add the…

  • Report designer: Expression for number of days between dates

    Does anyone know how to get the number of days between 2 dates, as an integer? Just doing (Date1 - Date2) gives a timespan; I need a number!

    I'm trying to show the average daily sales of a stock item. I have an expression PeriodSalesQty, and a date criteria…

  • Report designer error message when trying to apply a filter

    The report could not be generated.

    No applicable method 'StartsWith' exists in type 'DynamicClass13'

    I'm using a modified zero value order lines report to get invoice item descriptions and their respective invoice numbers into columns…

  • Endpoints relating to dbo.StockItemPeriodBalance

    Unfortunately in the current Sage 200 Professional API there doesn't appear to be an endpoint that would provide an approximation of the data stored in dbo.StockItemPeriodBalance. Altough these tables have great data within them.

    One example,of Period…

  • Report Designer - Only show transactions that are due on statement

    I am trying to create a reminder letter based on the default 'Statements and Advice (Single)' layout in Sage 200 report designer. At the moment the statement layout shows all unallocated transactions whether they're due or not. 

    What I need…

  • Sage Report Designer - Criteria not working


    Using Sage 200c and Sage Report Designer, I am making a report to produce invoice from my custom table. I have apply criterion to print specific row based on my criterion value.

    However, even after applying criterion as in image, my report still printing…

  • Workspace Report Filters not working!

    Hi Guys,

    We have recently moved to Sage200 and working through everything - mostly gone well and getting there, but we have an issue with one of our Workspace Reports for web users - when they click on a report, the filters do not all appear, only one…

  • Report Designer code-watch tool

    In Crystal Decisions you can test run a report and view the commands as the report steps through them during runtime – this is really useful to see where a bespoke report is falling over.

    It would be very beneficial to have such a tool for the Sage…

  • Username on reports

    Is it possible to use the report designer to add the name of the user who is running the report?