• Amend Credit & Debit Value columns to reflect accounting practice in Deferred Waiting Postings List

    In Nominal Ledger > Deferred Waiting Postings List > the main screen has the Debit and Credit columns correct to accounting practice IE Debit on the left and Credit on the right.

    However, when you double click into any of the transactions and view…

  • Method to identify Reversing Journals and Accruals

    Submitted on behalf of South Tees Site Company.

    Currently when posting Accruals, Prepayments or Reversing Journals there does not appear to be any way of identifying what type of nominal transaction they are.

    So when posting an Accrual and the Reversing…

  • Delete nominal codes during company set up

    I'm in the middle of setting up the company for the first time and I’ve been working on the nominal accounts and used the set provided as the basis for adding in ours. There are a number of nominal accounts on there that we don’t need but I can’t delete…

  • Automatically generate Credit Note for VAT only as a sales and purchase - client request

    In Sage 50 when importing goods we can process and invoice using a T18 code. This automatically generates a credit note for the VAT only and shows the VAT correctly in the VAT return as a sale and purchase. Can this be replicated in Sage 200?

  • Ability to have main currency for nominal ledger in euros

    We have a requirement to have two separate companies, one in pounds sterling, the other in Euros, so that the nominal ledger/trial balances will be in euros.

    I've seen conflicting information on whether this is possible.  Is anyone else doing this…

  • Realigning NL Codes across numerous Sage200 companies for Reporting

    Our set up is 20+ individual companies in Sage 200.   Through the years the NL Codes for the numerous Individual Companies have become out of sync.  My understanding of S200 is – When transactions have been assigned to a NL code the NL code cannot be changed…

  • Add Nominal Transaction Analysis as a field on the Budget Import

    Please can you consider including the Nominal Transaction Analysis codes as a field on the Budget imports in Sage 200 (we use for Education), as we use this field a lot but currently don't have an option to budget against it in Sage. We can apply these…

  • Revenue Nominal Account - Sage 200 Standard/Education

    Would it not be better practise for the purchase and sales orders to use the nominal codes for the relevant stock item rather than use the defaults against the customer / supplier?  We are a multi-disciplined company with several department and it is not…

  • Hide Cost Centre & Department Fields from Nominal List dynamically

    Hi all,

    I would like to force hide the cost center & department fields from Nominal List. unticking it from the columns list will not be acceptable as user can still tick it and display the fields. Any idea maybe by using code or anything?

    Thank you…

  • Multiple URN's on Nominal Transaction Import

    I find it quite extraordinary that there seem to be very few requests to improve the NL Transaction Import by allocating 1 URN to all of the imported transaction lines!

    When a Journal is created in the system, all of the lines have the same J000n reference…

  • Corrections to closed period

    How can I make corrections to a closed period  in SAGE 200 cloud, without going back in to open it.  In terms of reporting sometimes there are errors which need to be corrected and posted to the closed period.

  • Approval / Authorisation of Manual Journal Entries

    It would be great to have a feature where certain users can approve / authorise a manual journal entry entered by someone else in the team before it is posted. This would help with controls for fraud and audit evidence.

  • Nominal account listview column for "date of last transaction" - same as in the SL and PL modules or add the report "no transactions since .."

    Now that we can hide NL codes, would be useful to have the above to assist with the process, same as in SL and PL modules.

  • Import Reporting Categories

    When creating new company, program automatically creates reporting categories with codes 001 etc. Should be able to import reporting categories with overwrite existing option so users can use their own reporting category structure. 

    Currently program not…

  • Sage 200 web users able to drill down into budget line details

    We have rolled out 'My Budget Overview' access to our managers for keeping more up to date view on budget spend than monthly management accounts allow. However it would be useful if the figures in 'actual'/'committed POs'/etc columns were able to be drilled…

  • Foreign Currency Bank Feeds to have same Functionality as GBP Accounts

    Our client is using the Bank Feeds functionality, but is frustrated that when using Foreign Currency accounts the 'Save and Create Rule' functionality is not available.

    Can Bank Feeds Functionality be replicated across all Account types please…

  • Enable Web Users to see all Purchase Requisitions/Orders raised against the budgets they own

    We have web users set up as Budget-holders and Buyers depending on their levels of responsibility. The Budget-holders have an assigned set of nominal codes for their department. However in the Purchase Order list available to web users, they can only…

  • Nominal Journal Templates - "Insert" line

    Nominal Journal templates offer the ability to delete lines but not insert, can you consider adding this feature as sometimes the order in which the line appears is important especially for large templates. Thanks Lisa 

  • Reinstate the ability to remove default nominal codes from Customer/Supplier Accounts

    We have several clients that have requested the ability to remove default nominal codes from customer and supplier accounts temporarily for various internal processing reasons. The function was available in earlier versions but is not available in Sage…

  • Import Previous Year Journals

    It would be useful to be able to import PY journals as auditor adjustments can often be quite lengthy.  Import format could be the same as a standard journal, but just have an additional field to indicate this should be treated as a PY journal.

  • Obtaining the VAT Registration Entered in Nominal Transactions


    I'm not sure if this is possible through any form of reporting, but I have discovered that there doesn't appear to be a way to view the VAT Registration number that has been entered against a Nominal payment or receipt (i.e. for cheques/petty cash…

  • Audit for account changes

    A few customers have queried whether or not they can audit who has amended an account so they can see who changed something. There should be a way to check when a Sales Ledger account, Purchase Ledger Account, Nominal Code, Stock Item, etc. was amended…

  • Opening Trial Balance Report

    The auditors favourite question... An Opening Trial Balance Report to show what the opening balances were at the beginning of the year ie balance sheet accounts only. The existing Prior Year Reports are not sufficient enough to show the opening balan…

  • Budget column in Nominal List

    It would be useful to be able to display the nominal budget in a column in the Nominal List screen. The ideal would be to have two options, one for Budget to date for the latest open period, and one for full year Budget.

  • Charging employee for private mileage

    Hi, can anyone help me figure out how best to process charging our employees for private use fuel.

    We use the HMRC advisory fuel rate depending on the engine size of the car but what is the best way to process this through sage so that the VAT element…