• Can restriction on other form restrict function on the other form?

    Hi all,

    Lets say I have a user that only have access to specific page. As you can see below, this user does not have access to Fast Duty feature. This user have access to Fast Delivery feature.

    Fast duty is about create, read, update, delete on custom…

  • How add bound object/data binding on custom field so the value get inserted during save?

    Hi all,

    on SalesReceiptForm, I added a new custom field "BankDate" and I assume I shall add the field to SLPostedCustomerTran table as extension (SLPostedCustomerTranX: column BankDate; data type datetime). 

    Then I see that this form is using Sage…

  • How to check the customer whether it is already exceeded credit limit or not, programmatically?

    Hi all,

    How to check the customer whether it is already exceeded credit limit or not, programmatically? Because I do not find any standard function to check it. I only find the exceptions, but I do not know how to trigger the exception during customer…

  • Customize form suddenly got error related to Sage library

    Hi all, I have a customize form that have been working for ages. On recent changes, it got error on customer side, while on my local PC the form is still working. Looking at the error, it is related to Sage library. The only difference from customer server…

  • How to add calculated column on StockItemLookup Listcolumn?

    Hi All,

    I have a StockItemLookup and add it to my custom screen.I know how to embed additional columns (see below PKG, Size) from my StockItem extension (I have a table that is an extension from StockItem, called StockItemX).

    My question is, can I add…

  • Error when update company database with custom sql query

    Hi all,

    I have a sql script and previously successfully updated to Sage 200 company database. Now I add the following line

    EXECUTE spCreateColumn 'UnprintedInvoice', 'FormNumber', 'bigint', '13', '2', 1, 0, 0, 1, '0', 'None'
    EXECUTE spCreateTable …

  • Is it possible to do an insert, read, update, delete on tblParameter on configuration database

    Hi all,

    I see there is tblParameter in configuration table, I would like to store my key value such as custom database name, servername, username, and password in tblParameter to be used in my custom form.

    In Sage.MMSAdmin.DBSchema.Others, I see there…

  • Create custom database using AddIn.sql failed with SQL error

    Hi all,

    I want to create a custom database using addIn.sql file from an Add on, so user do not have to go to MSSQL to create himself. But I have problem installing the add on because of this error:

    "CREATE DATABASE statement not allowed within multi…

  • Accessing custom database from company after login

    Hi all,

    I want to create a program where all companies in Sage 200 should be able to access and the data provided in this program should be stored in a custom database, not individual company database. I assume for the create database query, I can add…

  • Detect if the current company does not have custom table and specific data

    Hi all,

    I am having this situation. I have A,B as my existing companies and have my custom table added to their database. Then I have a new company C, and this company does not have my custom table yet so none of my customize form is working on company…

  • Report Designer, Expressions? or Conditional Formatting?


    I need some help with Report Designer, I am currently trying to make some alterations to a report that was created that displays a list of all of the outstanding PO's on our system and I would like to try and get the POPOrderReturns.RequestedDeliveryDate…

  • How to detect the newly added currencies in Currencies and Exchange Rate form on save button click?

    Hi all,

    On the form Currencies and Exchange Rate, I need to detect if user have added new currency on the currenciesGrid and prompt user and at the moment the Save button is clicked. But I am not getting much information about it.

    OnClick Save button…

  • Expanding fields to allocate long texts on importing Invoices (with import guides from CSVs)

    Hi experts, 

    Coming from a small company that produce self-made product and customizations (so relation with client is key). We just purchase sage200 under the promise we could manage all invoicing and stock management, and rely on external consultant…

  • Add new field on Sage 200 reports

    Hi all,

    I would like to add new fields from my custom tables, to existing Sage 200 reports. What is the correct step/best way to do it? I was thinking of just amending the reports in "C:\Sage\reporting\default\reports" and save. But what is the dos and…

  • Impact of amending data size on default sage 200 tables

    I am unable to post anything that resembles code in here, sage uk developer, and the new developer site. what is wrong?

    I really2 want to ask someone so I will post as image

  • Odd behavior when selecting customer code in different way (Customization)

    Hi All,

    I am doing customization  on few standard Sage 200 forms, and I found an odd behavior when selecting customer code in different way.

    For example, on Sales Ledger>New Invoice, we can select customer code in 3 methods: 

    1. click dropdown and select…

  • Project title and total daily hours in timesheet entry, copy and paste new P/O number, fuzzy search


    I work on lots of different projects each day and presently have to keep a spreasheet to translate project titles into Sage project codes because these aren't shown on our company timesheet entry screen. Having the project titles shown would save…

  • Amend column size on NominalGridLookup

    Hi all,

    I want to amend the grid inside a dropdown programmatically so the Name column is wide as soon at the form open.

    But I am unable to get the grid inside it because its control is PopupTextBox+Dropdown which I cannot initiate in the code. Also the…

  • Desktop list: change background color on condition

    Hi All,

    On desktop list, I would like to change the background color of the cell is the value is below margin. When I export to excel, I need to cells to be red as well.

    I see that the "this.list" control is available but the color did not change at all…

  • Complex Query with Sage 200 function

    I would like to do query as below: but I found that sage 200 only provide simple query & filter function.

    This query is to get the TOP 1 of each group

    select top 1 with ties
    m.MovementID, m.ItemID, m.CostPrice from MovementBalance m
    group by m.ItemID…

  • Add Bracket to "-" if value is negative & separator

    Hi All,

    I would like to add bracket to "-" if the value is negative & separator. I successfully do it on the "Gross:" field but not able to add it on values in the grid. Any idea how to do it?

  • Hide Cost Centre & Department Fields from Nominal List dynamically

    Hi all,

    I would like to force hide the cost center & department fields from Nominal List. unticking it from the columns list will not be acceptable as user can still tick it and display the fields. Any idea maybe by using code or anything?

    Thank you…

  • Amend fields with Read Only status

    Hi all, 

    for some reason, I want to update specific fields but these fields have read only status. Any other way to update it programatically?


    the fields is DocumentValue, UnitBuyingPrice, LineTotalValue in Sage.Accounting.POP.POPInvCredItem

    this is…

  • Update Multiple Companies from One Company

    Hi All,

    I need to do the following:

    Update multiple company from one company.

    Lets say I have company A, B, C, D, E.

    Login in Company A, I add new customer and company B,C,D,E must add the same new customer, and vice versa.

    Is it possible to do it using…