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Cash Book Ledger Close should mean you can no longer post into that period despite the entry date - Sage 200 Standard/Education

Once you have closed the cash book ledger for a period it should mean you can no longer post entries into that  period. We had an entry post year end,  with a mistyped date  post back into period 12 of our financial year end and so the trial balance was incorrectly updated. Either an error message should come up to say the period is closed, are you sure you wish to post this entry or automatically push it in the next period as with the purchase/sales ledgers?

  • Thank you Geoff for your suggestion. This option does not seem to be available in Sage 200 Education. You can only alter the VAT closing period through this menu option.   

  • If the cash book was closed for period 12 but the nominal was open, the nominal entries would have been for period 12.  If you don't want that to happen, set the appropriate Transaction Date Validation in Accounting System Manager / System Settings / Transaction Settings.

    Usual disclaimer: this may not apply to Education variant - which appears to be diverging more and more from Professional!