Ability to set up multiple SMTP Profiles

Have two companies set up in Sage 200, which each need to be able to email out Remittances via SMTP.

They do however have different SMTP servers for each company, so need to be able to store two sets of SMTP server details to be used.

Sage 200 limits you to the single SMTP profile, so remittances can only be sent out correctly for one of the companies. Entering the second companies SMTP details will lose the first companies details.

Need Sage 200 to be able to store two different SMTP profiles and to choose per layout which profile should be used.

  • We may have this issue when 2 companies use 2 different email servers hosted by 2 separate organisations. We need to be able to configure 2 or more smtp credentials and servers.

  • As SMTP is only the outbound email process, why can't one SMTP server service all the requests? Also, how about using the IIS SMTP relay on the Sage server and then configuring that to route email to the next SMTP server as required. In Sage you would just point at the local IIS SMTP server. Yes/no?