Remittance Advice Emails not being generated to Outlook



I use to have no problem generating remittance advice to my Outlook draft folder when running the Generate Payments feature. Now though I am getting this -

The above pop up box appears as many times as there are suppliers on the list (we do batch payments). Once I have clicked through this error then the below message box pops up listing all the remittance advice that was not generated (all the suppliers in the batch)

Finally the below box appears

After which the process has finished but no remittance advise is my draft folder in Outlook which use to happen.

Please can someone help?

Many thanks

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    Hi Andrew & Geoff

    I have discovered that there is another reason why the Outlook integration fails from Sage and that is to do with the office installation missing the necessary registry entries for the MSO.DLL file. Obviously check the settings first and backup your registry etc before changing anything but this resolves a lot of these problems: 

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



    @="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Office\\root\\VFS\\ProgramFilesCommonX86\\Microsoft Shared\\Office16\\MSO.DLL"


    There is also a 2.7 version that may also need attention depening on MSO versions etc.