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This question was recently posted outside of our normal support channels. Posting here for a response:

Anyway to export data from a sales order straight into a purchase order?

For example; if you were to add a product code for transport in the sales order, could all the data from that product code (for all sales orders) be pulled into one purchase order for a single month? 

So all sales orders placed for delivery in December, would pull the product code line (for transport) into one purchase order? Or even a excel sheet?

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    Is this not possible by ways of the Generate Purchase Orders > Include unfulfilled sales order demands criteria?

    If you select Include unfulfilled sales orders, the suggested order quantity is the amount you require for your stock levels plus the amount on sales order.

    Note: Purchase orders are only generated when you choose this option if re-order levels are set on your stock items (i.e. the re-order level is 1 or more).

    Stipulations of course with the item needing to have a Supplier listed against it and a re-order level. But it could be a stop gap to a more developed solution?