Possible to import Project Accruals ? Also Import Project Code and Project Item as part of Purchase Transaction import?


Evening Everyone.

Two parts to this question

1) Is it possible to import Project Accruals?
This is a time-consuming monthly task and the screen gets longer to load as time goes on.

2) Add Project Code & Project Item to Purchase trans Import?
On a standard Purchase Ledger transaction Import you can specify the standard fields like NL Ac/CC/Dept & trans analysis code etc. (as you would expect)

But there are no fields on the template to assign the invoice to a Project Code & Project Item (Similar to Entry Screen)

I know previously (in certain circumstancesit was possible to import additional information by adding on columns that were not on the template.

Does anyone know if this is possible in this case (I have tried just adding the ProjectCode & ProjectItem columns with no luck they are just ignored)

I have a site that process a lot of Purchase Invoices monthly => each Purchase invoice could be made up of tens, sometimes hundreds of project analysis lines.

Thought I'd throw this out here before going down the Dev route.


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    Hi Paul,

    I've had a look into both points for you, unfortunately as you might have found yourself, neither is possible to import into Sage 200 using the program as standard. 

    As you have mentioned, going down the development route would be the best option; however you can also post this to the Ideas Hub section, to raise awareness for possible inclusion for the future.