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  • Hi, I've been asked to post this question to this forum so hopefully this is the right place. I am working on a customer that has an on site developer who is trying to use the API to integrate between financials and a bespoke system, mostly to send Purchase order information and progress the records through to purchase invoices. 

    The developer has a couple of questions, I have investigated the knowledgebase however I couldn't find the answers. His questions are below, any help on this would be greatly appreciated. 


    1. - In the system a user can manually convert a Purchase Order to a purchase note and then through to the invoice. Is there an API to allow this be done via an integration or must the user create a new record and link it to the existing one. Then update the existing one to show that they are related and that the original record has been converted to the next step. i.e conversion status.


    1. - When creating a record how do we get it to return the ID of the record that has been created?


    3. - Are the dimensions tags updated on the fly when we add a value to the API that does not yet exist, also how do we call the dimension so it can be added.

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