SIRC in Sage Financials:

One of our Sage Financials Customers asked the following:

Are inactive accounts supposed to still show on Sage Intelligence?
I have several accounts and sub-accounts that I have marked as inactive. (I disabled the "active" checkbox, just to be clear.) Most of these never had transactions entered for them. When I run Sage Intelligence Reports, I expected to NOT see these items there anymore - except I understand for the ones that still have transactions in them. But, I still see all the accounts, whether or not they ever had transactions in them.

Is there a way to configure them so that Sage Intelligence does NOT pick up these accounts?

I know I can select don't show accounts without activity, but there are times I want to show all the active accounts to Executives, but still not the inactive ones.

I have looked at the SIRC and Sage Financials Knowledge Base, but with no success. Also could this be configured in any way?

Many thanks for your help!