How can I read Comments from an item on Sales Order

Hello Community

I'm looking at grabbing Comments from an Item on a Sales Order. 

This is my code: 

oSOPItem_Read = oWS.CreateObject("SOPItem")
oSOPItem_Read = oSOPRecord.Link
'Add the existing items to the order
'oSOPItem_Write = oSOPPost.Items.Add
SOP_Item_Comment1 = CStr(oSOPItem_Read.Fields.Item("COMMENT_1").Value)
Loop Until oSOPItem_Read.MoveNext = False

and then to display to I use a Messagebox which displays SOP_Item_Comment1 but each time it just pulls nothing through. 

Can you tell me where am I making a mistake? or maybe missing a line or something? 


turns out that I had code which was wiping out the Comments from the Sales order earlier on in the project... So the above code work fine