Followup Notes / Questions from Global Partner Summit for X3

I attended the GPS back in March for X3.  The material was excellent, and i am reviewing my notes , which has me curious about a few things.   Hopefully someone else has thought of this or seen an answer or a post.

New ADC functionality - The old telnet is going away and we are supposed to be getting a new suite of functions that manage the ADC functionality and can be used on a handheld.   These were supposed to come with 2020R2, but i did not see them in the Patch 21 Whats New training.     Do we know when the functionality was pushed to?

FLASH - I am seeing a note that FLASH will be deprecated at the end of 2020...   does this mean 2020R4 or 2020R5 it will no longer work in X3... if so, what is the plan for all the process flows and interactive gadgets?  (i should of asked this in Orlando)

Has anyone been playing with the Sage X3 Cloud Development platform yet?   I am waiting for On - Prem support which is think is.. R3?   I know there is the subscription based test box as well...  ?

Is the Automated Test Platform still on the calendar for Q4 2020?   My management is pretty excited about that one.