Configuring Web Service to import Purchase Orders

Hello all,

I am trying to set up a web service to import purchase order data to X3 sent from our ServiceNow system.
I have followed the guidance here: and have set up a web pool called 'IMPORT-EXPORT-PILOT', endpoint in our Pilot instance.

When I send a test message with sample data I am getting a 200 response but with this error message: 
<message>X3 subprogram (AWEB:RECUPHDAT) that reads web services [AOWSIMPORT] timestamp returned the status [Unknown web service (0)] and timestamp [].</message>.

It feels like there's an extra step required in the configuration on the X3 side. Any suggestions? (Note: I am a ServiceNow developer - not overly familiar with X3).

Thank you

  • Hi Jamsta,

    I hope you are well. I know you posted here 2 months ago, but just in case you haven't resolved the issue yet, see my comments below.

    That web service (AOWSIMPORT) is only available from Sage X3 V10; if you are in an earlier version of Sage X3 you won't be able to run that.

    If that's the case, you can use an object-based web service instead. Follow these steps:

    1. Ensure that the web services pool is up and running (not enough just to create it), so go to Administration >> Administration >> Web Services >> Classic SOAP pools configuration >> Click on your pool >> And then on the button "Start/Update". This is a just in case step... Stuck out tongue

    2. Go to Development >> Script dictionary >> Scripts >> Web Services. Here you can find (and create, modify,...) all the SOAP web services in Sage X3. Look for the web service POH (Purchase orders), and if doesn't exist you can create it:

       - Click New, name it "POH", Type: Object, Object: POH, Transaction: [any]. And then button "Publish".

    (you can also search here for WS AOWSIMPORT, if it exists but it's not working, try to click on "Publish").

    3. You can use the WS tester included in Sage X3 now for CRUD operations. Go to Admnistration >> Administration >> Web Services >> List of SOAP web services >> Click on the WS >> On the STUB section, unfold, and then click on the operation you want. Enter the parameters (Parameters to enter will change depending on the operation) and finally button "Invoke". See example below on the different calls:

    Hope it helps! Best regards!


  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for this reply - I really appreciate it.
    In the end I sought some advice from our support partners, Datel. And yes, the issue was that we are running version 9 so that web service is not available. They had a solution they were able to implement on our behalf but I will take note of the steps you've outlined here as I'm sure they could come in handy in future. Slight smile