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I'm trying to figure out how to create new field help (ESC + F1) entries for custom fields.  I believe I understand the general approach.

Create the help notes via Dev -> Data and params -> Documentation -> Field documentation and then reference that [key word] in the [Help key word] field on the "Fields" tab of of the Screen dictionary.  My problem is that I am not seeing the [Help key word] field in the Screen dictionary.  I've also looked in the Table dictionary and a few other places to no avail.

My user is mapped to the ERPDEV badge, so I believe I should have complete access to everything.  Is the documentation that I've found out-of-date,

The link below references the [Help key word] field that I'm not seeing.

Is that documentation out-of-date, am I missing something obvious, or is it possible I don't have the necessary privileges?

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