Explore and interact with the new Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management GraphQL API

API New Year folks!

We're so excited ... 2019 sees the much anticipated launch of our GraphQL API, and if you'd like to see it in action now, try the live demo.

GraphiQL is an in-browser IDE for writing, validating and testing GraphQL queries, and you can use it here to explore and interact with our API service using demonstration data.

We've compiled a list of sample queries to help demonstrate current functionality.  Let us know if you’d like to see more, and needless to say, contributions through the forum are welcome.

Our live demo endpoint hosts the latest build of the API, and you can expect us to announce details of new developments as they become available, right here.

Query objects are currently available for System (Site), Business Partners (Customer), Addresses (Address), Products (Product and Product Category) and Stock, and our next update will surface more Sales (Sales Order) data, including Sales Order lines.

Additional query objects and more fields for existing entities will follow over the coming weeks, and we invite your feedback to help determine the roadmap for future deliverables, including mutations to enable ‘write data’ capability.

What’s next?

We will be announcing Beta availability for the API in the coming months, starting with support for Multi-Tenant SaaS deployments of Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.  Universal platform support will follow, including compatibility with On-Premise implementations.

Details of how you can get involved and take advantage will follow in future communications.

About GraphQL

Originally created at Facebook in 2012, the GraphQL spec was open sourced in 2015, details of which you can find at https://graphql.org/ along with learning and community support resources, and lots of other useful material.