504 Gateway Timeout error

Hi Sage Dev Community,

We are seeing an issue where for one business when we try to retrieve data querying the following endpoints:

we get a 504 Gateway Time-out error.
Can you please help me with that?
Best regards,
  • Hi Nicoletta

    There are no known issues currently and I have just tested both endpoints without any issue and receive the expected responses. 

    Have you previously been able to make successful requests to these endpoints? 
    Are you able to generate an access token successfully and make requests to other endpoints?



  • Hi Pete, 

    Thank you for your response.

    Yes, I have been able to make successful requests to both endpoints and also others using a valid access token.

    So, not sure what might have happened. I thought that for those two specific endpoints it might have occurred  a payload related issue (> 100MB in any 60 minute period (per Accounting business)), but I assume we would have received a different error message.



  • Are you still seeing the issue then or are you able to make requests successfully now?