/businesses endpoint response does not contain anything other than ID and Name, API page says otherwise


I am looking for the subscription type of a business. According to the API page the /businesses endpoint should return a list of all businesses and their full attributes (including subscriptions) however that is not the data I am getting back, I am getting back simply the Name and Id and Path:

Status: 200
  "$total": 2,
  "$page": 1,
  "$items_per_page": 2147483647,
  "$items": [
      "displayed_as": "Name 1",
      "id": "123",
      "$path": "/businesses/123"
      "displayed_as": "Name 2",
      "id": "321",
      "$path": "/businesses/321"

As such, I think there is a bug in the implementation or documentation, as these do not match.

I am aware on some endpoints, you accept the query params `attributes` and `nestedAttributes` - I have tried setting both of these to 'all' with no luck as well.

Currently I can work around this by calling the individual path on each business, but it would save lots of API calls if this could be retrieved in the initial call as the documentation suggests.

Many thanks,