context_date is invalid.

When pulling /contacts that are paginated, there is a variable in the response called $next which I have been using to pull the next page, the value of this is usually something like "/contacts?page=2&items_per_page=200".

Sometime over the last few weeks, there has been an update to the API and now $next looks something like this "/contacts?page=2&context_date=The current date.&items_per_page=200"

When calling this API request, I have to remove the context_date field as it causes a "context_date is invalid" error.

  ->      $total        = int(431)
  ->      $page         = int(1)
  ->      $next         = string(66) "/contacts?page=2&context_date=The current date.&items_per_page=200"
  ->      $back         = null
  ->      $itemsPerPage = int(200)
  ->      $items        = array(...)


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