Hi team,

How to see the tax rate on UI sage one canada?

Hows  is it connected to Products and services on UI?

  • Hello,

    The tax rate depends on the province of the businesses customer. To have the most convenient way for a business user in the UI, you will automatically see all applicable tax rates for a customer when you are writing an invoice for example.

    You can see all available tax rates in the drop down field of each invoice line:

    (above's screenshot shows the tax rates for a PE customer)

    In contrast to the UI, the tax_rates endpoint of the API will return all available tax rates. You can add a filter to only show province specific tax rates though.

    API response without filter (GET /tax_rates): 10 results

    API response with filter for PE tax rates (GET /tax_rates?address_region_id=CA-PE): 5 results, same as seen in the UI for PE

    I hope that helps.