Creating Contact Payment

Hi, Im trying to create a contact payment but i keep retrieving an error with no information at all 

[{"$severity":"error","$dataCode":"UnexpectedError","$message":"An unexpected error occurred.","$source":""}]

This is what im sending:
"contact_payment": {
  "date": "2019-05-13",
  "transaction_type_id": "VENDOR_PAYMENT",
  "payment_method_id": "CREDIT_DEBIT",
  "contact_id": "827252b22d5f4fe6a124a1513123bfb8",
  "bank_account_id": "0e58ffc303044be39bdd6ead0bacc7b7",
  "total_amount": 1.11,
  "currency_id": "EUR",
  "allocated_artefacts": [{
    "artefact_id": "93ccb7aa03044f9aad972be3c2d2faa1"

I dont know if im missing something or if i should check something else, i have a purchase invoice created with id "8ab8e733f41a47e788c94638e792f329" set in the artefact_id field... the rest of id's are of already created objects.... could someone help?

Thanks in advance!



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