• Food & Beverage

    Would love to connect with someone running food & beverage based company through Sage for start up tips/tricks and advice! 

  • Recording inventory bought but purchase invoice not received


    We have 4 POs this month that are for inventory.  The inventory has been shipped.  I need to enter the purchase invoice, but have not received it yet from the supplier.  They send them late sometimes.  The shipping documents alerting the customer that…

  • How do I set up a Customer rate for hourly billing?

    We are a construction company, and I would like to set up my invoices so that the hourly rate we charge customers auto-populates when I create an invoice. Is there a way to do this?

  • Keep getting kicked out with an error

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone else experienced issues where they get kicked out of the software for no reason.

    I believe there were issues with invoicing and suppliers but that these were rectified 25 days ago, and yet I am still getting these errors.


  • emailing invoices

    why do emailed invoices go to junk?

  • Trade for Services

    I have a client that has a customer that she does trade for services for. Does anyone know how I would be able to do this. When I go to pay the invoice it doesn't give me a trade option. Thanks in advance!

  • Invoice Paid, but not appearing in payments

    I have processed a recurring payment.  Unfortunately, the cheque cannot be processed because it had only one signature (requires two).

    Now, I need to re-issue the cheque.  When i pull the recurring invoice, it shows as paid.

    But when I pull payments, it…

  • Linking invoices to quotes

    We have issued an invoice to our client and only later started capturing the quotes.

    Is there any option to link an invoice to a quote if the invoice was not generated from the quote?Or at least mark the quote Accepted and invoiced?

  • returning an item to inventory


    How do we go about returning an item to inventory?
    Scenario: We charge a deposit/security fee for the skids our product arrives on. 
    On the invoice we can show 'X number skids' going out with shipment.  However, unlike Sage 50, we can't just…