• How can I change a client's name on a saved/paid invoice

    I accidently chose the wrong client name for an invoice.  I've tried editing the name, but it does not change all the infomation - ie :   edited the name, however the old client's address remained on the invoice.  when I saved the new name, the invoice…

  • why did sage create two invoices when I had to change a rate

    I happened to have to change the rate that I usually charge while creating an invoice.  I clicked on the rate, changed it, then saved.  Sage created two invoices ...why?  how do I correct this?

  • reversing entry

    Trying to fix a messy set of books I inherited on Sage Cloud Accounting Canada. The problem: A double payment was entered last year. First an invoice was entered. The payment was made with 'other payment' format. Thus the payment did not connect to the…

  • Employee Advances

    I am reviewing the accounts, an have discovered that there are outstanding employee advances for employees that are no longer employed by the company.  This is dating back many years.  How do I go about making an entry to clear this account.  I tries to…

  • Matching invoices with unallocated payments

    I've inherited a set of books that are rather messy. Summary shows thousands of dollars in very old unpaid bills. When I check through I can see the payments were made separately as 'other payment' and not allocated to any invoice and they show up on…

  • merging two customer sales accounts

    We seem to have two accounts opened for one customer.  When a search was done, no other account was found because one had an apostrophe in the name.  Is there a way to merge the two and keep the history of both?

  • Reverse prepayment from two years ago

    Hi there, I have a situation for a company we are doing books for.  My client has a payable balance for one of his suppliers of 3000. Now he says he paid it completely off.  After Investigation, we found the original invoice and it shows that there was 3000…

  • Changing the description in a sales entry

    Is it possible to change the description in a sales entry once it has been posted and had a payment applied to it?

  • how to remove old cheques in cheques on hand list

    I have a large number of cheques in my cheques on hand list that are old and have already been deposited.  Does anyone know how to delete these?

  • How to Mark a $0.00 Sales Invoice as Paid

    How can I mark a $0 Sales Invoice as paid? I had to create this invoice to make a line-item adjustment (items were same price) so my invoice comes to $0.00 and is now marked as outstanding and I want to clear it from 'awaiting payment'.