• Error in paying bill twice in accts payable

    I paid the wcb bill twice and they deposited the cheques, I can't get the 2nd cheque to post in sage so that it shows a credit on their account, why?

  • Reoccurring monthly invoices

    How can I create an invoice to reoccurs each month? 

  • How to create a customer prepayment in Sage Accounting

    Need to set up Sage Online Accounting to be able to accept and record as a Liability, customer prepayments for services rendered.

    For example:

    Perform periodic service for customer; individual service is $50, customer pays $200 for the next for visits…

  • What's the best way to post (and post payments) towards a lease or financed expense?

    It's not really a "payable," is it? It's a long-term liability that you're paying off month to month.

  • When to enter a Dec 2022 sale, paid by cheque but cheque is deposit in January 2023


    I need to enter a Dec 2022 sale and paid by cheque on Dec 23, 2022 but it was deposited on Jan 12, 2023.

    Do I enter the payment on the date the cheque was make, or do I enter it on the date the cheque was deposited?

    Thank you in advance.


  • Authentication Error

    I recently purchased Sage 50 so I can log in any where.  When I go to log in on the website (Sage) and try to go into Sage Accounting it comes up with "Authentication Error"  how can I fix this.  Tried calling the help line but they are not open…

  • Incoming Bank Transactions : transaction appears twice on VISA statement (2 currencies)


    In the Incoming Bank Transactions screen for my Credit Card, I see 2 separate entries for the SAME purchase : One entry is in CAD (41.18) and the other is in USD (29.99), as shown in the attached screenshot.

    Since I work in Canada, I processed…

  • Recording a payment in current year for a sale from last year


    I'm migrating from Sage 50 (old hard-copy) to Sage Start. I transferred my opening balances (which includes account receivables) in to Sage Start, starting January 1st 2023.

    I want to record a payment received in 2023 for an invoice that was…

  • How can I change a client's name on a saved/paid invoice

    I accidently chose the wrong client name for an invoice.  I've tried editing the name, but it does not change all the infomation - ie :   edited the name, however the old client's address remained on the invoice.  when I saved the new name, the invoice…

  • why did sage create two invoices when I had to change a rate

    I happened to have to change the rate that I usually charge while creating an invoice.  I clicked on the rate, changed it, then saved.  Sage created two invoices ...why?  how do I correct this?

  • why does sage only assign an invoice number to an invoice once it's paid

    I noticed after I sent and invoice via email that the invoice that is sent out (billed), is not assigned an invoice #.  I brought up the invoice and it only says "draft" - once that invoice is paid, i noticed it then assigned an invoice #, but it the invoice…

  • Updating/changing invoices after a deposit has been applied and reconciled.

    We're looking at changing over to Sage Online and after watching one of the training videos it mentioned invoices cannot be modified after it has been paid and the payment has been reconciled. Does this restriction apply if only a partial deposit has…

  • Bank Expenses/sales entries showing as Credits not Debit


    My entries to record expenses and income are recording in reverse. Meaning, when I enter and expense, it records it as a deposit and vice versa.

    No idea how this happened, but I can't seem to find a fix.


  • Recurring invoice error


    I have created recurring invoices. In last 2 months some invoices were duplicated. I was advised to cancel all recurring invoices and redo the recurring invoice set up.  Invoices have duplicated again.  It is not  How can I fix this issue?

    Thanks …

  • Authentication Error - EC02


    I have been receiving this Authentication Error and cannot seem to find a solution.

    Is there a solution to this issue?

  • reverse bank reconciliation

    Bank account won't balance and see errors is previous reconciliation. How can I reverse it and start again?

  • reversing entry

    Trying to fix a messy set of books I inherited on Sage Cloud Accounting Canada. The problem: A double payment was entered last year. First an invoice was entered. The payment was made with 'other payment' format. Thus the payment did not connect to the…

  • Employee Advances

    I am reviewing the accounts, an have discovered that there are outstanding employee advances for employees that are no longer employed by the company.  This is dating back many years.  How do I go about making an entry to clear this account.  I tries to…

  • Changing login email address

    How do I change my login email for Sage Accounting?

  • Recording a payment

    I invoiced one of our suppliers for service work and they in turn paid that invoice back to us through a credit to our account with them. I don’t know how to enter that transaction into Sage. The payment didn’t actual go through the bank. I need to post…

  • Matching invoices with unallocated payments

    I've inherited a set of books that are rather messy. Summary shows thousands of dollars in very old unpaid bills. When I check through I can see the payments were made separately as 'other payment' and not allocated to any invoice and they show up on…

  • Manual entries

    Brand new to Sage just beginning entries. notice deposits (manually entered) are being entered as payments not received what am I doing wrong

  • Fuel Expenses

    Was just wondering when entering example fuel expenses should I do it under the banking tab or expenses tab?  So at the end of the year when I give it to my accountant they can do my year end taxes.

  • merging two customer sales accounts

    We seem to have two accounts opened for one customer.  When a search was done, no other account was found because one had an apostrophe in the name.  Is there a way to merge the two and keep the history of both?

  • Reverse prepayment from two years ago

    Hi there, I have a situation for a company we are doing books for.  My client has a payable balance for one of his suppliers of 3000. Now he says he paid it completely off.  After Investigation, we found the original invoice and it shows that there was 3000…