• Internal Transaction error

    Good day,  I have just upgrade our BusinessVision from 2014 to 2019, all of the upgrade process went smoothly.

    After completed the process, I start to browse some sales in the system, I have noticed a few of them come up with the following error:


  • Order Details Screen. Overall margin

    Is there a way that I can see overall margin of the order on the order detail screen. Currently I see the margin of each item on the order. But I would like to see the overall margin of the order.

    thank you


  • Returning Customer Goods - Partial Returns and other questions

    As advised by the following Sage City Blog Post (Thanks by the way)  re: https://sagecity.na.sage.com/ca/sage_businessvision/b/sage_businessvision_blog/posts/tips-and-tricks-returning-customer-goods , we tend to do negative cmtd qty returns for our returns…

  • Creator and order date change when taking an order off hold.

    We put orders on hold a lot in our company.  If someone other than the original creator takes the order off hold to process it, the "Created by" changes to the current user and the "Order date" changes to the current date.  This is leading…

  • Generate purchase order/sales order for non-stock items

    Is there is a way to copy the item details on a purchase order over to a sales order (or quote) or vice versa, other than exporting and importing.  I've found a solution for stock inventory items but nothing for non-stock items.

  • Costing won't appear on order entry screen.

    I have checked the box in my user details that asks to show costing in order entry, but it still does not show up.  What am I doing wrong?

  • Posting Invoices Outside Fiscal Periods

    I want input invoices that will be applied to customer accounts that can be upto 5yrs ahead.  I dont want to use the reaccuring transactions as they do not post to the customer accounts.

    When I try to future date the invoice for a customer that will become…

  • Job Cost

    Is there a way to add inventory items to a Job.


    Is there a way of not reserving the on-hand stock when entering an order and allow us to enter more quantity than we have on-hand without creating a Back order.

  • Report Engine Error 000000513 - Invalid Printer Specified

    After installing a new computer for someone, she now repeatedly runs into this error. It'll work fine for a bit, then start giving these errors. 

    I've completely uninstalled BV and re-installed it, I've completely uninstalled the printer and re-installed…


    We use BusinessVision for a lot of our orders, and we do  a LOT of clothing orders. So, I'm looking for a way to do a couple things:

    1. When entering line items in Order Entry, have a spot to type in the color name, as well as a quantity in several size…
  • Order Entry Underlining all items.

    I'm using BV 2014  7.71 with Windows7 Pro.   Every now and then I'll go into order entry and all of the items in the detail section are underlined.   What is this?   If I exit BV and restart,  the underlines go away.  ???