• Utilities>System Manager>User details Save button is greyed out

    The save button is greyed out when I change an employee's access.  I have had the ability to do this before.  I am the main administrator for our BV.  Any Ideas on how I can restore my access? 

    I have tried deleting the userlog in the data file. 

  • invoice terms different from customer screen

    I just set up a customer with COD terms, and one with N45 terms. When invoices print for them they all say Net 30. I go into the customer screen and it says COD (or net 45) under terms, but even printing from that, the invoice still says N30, I'm not…

  • GL Inventory value

    The GL inventory value does not match the physical inventory value. Any suggestions as to how this happens.

  • Attachments in notes

    I have a customer who needs to start adding attachments to the notes section, but the option is grayed out. The only thing I can think of is if this is a feature not supported in the BV Standard Edition which they're using? 

    If I look at a BV Client…