• invoice terms different from customer screen

    I just set up a customer with COD terms, and one with N45 terms. When invoices print for them they all say Net 30. I go into the customer screen and it says COD (or net 45) under terms, but even printing from that, the invoice still says N30, I'm not…

  • Sage History Detail

    I do a SQL join of the SAGE_HISTORY_HEADER and SAGE_HISTORY_DETAIL DB tables by the column NUMBER, but I have some HEADER records that don't have any matching DETAIL records.  When I look them up via the application and drill down into the order (invoice…

  • BusinessVision licence - activation - 5 User LAN Pack license

    Hi everyone,

    I recently upgraded to the latest 2019 BusinessVision from an earlier version.

    I understood the 2019 has a built in 5-user license.

    I had the 5 user LAN pack with the old version.

    When I upgraded, I expected to see 10 user because the standard…

  • Receiving Error "The Sage BusinessVision Entitlement Service indicates that your maintenance plan expired on 31-Aug-2017..." When Logging Into Sage BusinessVision

    When attempting to log into Sage BusinessVision 2017 version 7.80, the following message is presented: "The Sage BusinessVision Entitlement Service indicates that your maintenance plan expired on 31-Aug-2017. Sage BusinessVision is now locked and…

  • The Sage BusinessVision Control File for the company selected is currently being used by another user. The company selected cannot be accessed by Sage BusinessVision at the present time.

    Hi i have the lastest version of BV running on a server with Server 2016. I have the 10 user lanpack installed and this has been working perfectly for the past 6 years.

    All of a sudden only 1 user is able to connect to the data file at any time. I checked…

  • New and improved: Sage Knowledgebase for Sage BusinessVision

    Sage Knowledgebase (Sage KB) just got a major redesign—complete with an updated interface and additional features.  

    What’s new?

    In addition to a cleaner look and easier navigation, the improved Sage KB now offers:

  • Can anyone provide the Field Names when exporting to CSV in Business Vision 2010?

    I am working on converting data from BusinessVision 2010 to Sage 50 Premium.  After exporting the data from BusinessVision to csv, the exported csv split the data into two tables (dtl and hdr) for the following data files:  inventory, job cost, PO History…

  • Changes coming soon to the way you access Sage BusinessVision support

    The way you contact a Sage BusinessVision support analyst is changing—in fact, it’s getting faster.

    Now, you’ll connect with us by starting an online chat or submitting an online case through Sage.com/Resources and we’ll take it…

  • businessvisions administrators manual

    Does BusinessVisions have an administrator manual? I have been working with a business that is using BusinessVisision and they have repeated problems related to printing with BusinessVisions and I am trying to find good resources to troubleshoot with…

  • Migration from Sage BV 2014 to Sage 50

    Hi, I am an IT guy that is trying to help a friend out.  He currently has BV 2014 limited edition and he is trying to migrate to Sage 50.  I have the migration tool and have done the odbc connection but every time i attempt to migrate i get "the selected…

  • Sage Year-end Center: 24/7 resources and information

    Closing the books? We're here to help.

    Join industry peers, certified partners, and Sage pros online 24/7 for fast answers at the busiest time of year. Visit the Sage Year-end Center to find*:

    • Helpful checklists: Print step-by-step tasks
    • Informal…
  • Sage City, your new source for product release updates

    When it comes to product updates, it’s critical the right people get the news in a timely manner. That’s why we’re asking you (and your colleagues) to proactively choose the news most important to you by subscribing to the Announcements…

  • BV 2013 DB Migration

    I have a need to move the database to a new server. I am having great difficulty in finding anything that covers the Pervasive portion. Hoping someone here has some documentation they could share.


  • Statement Envelopes

    Can anyone recommend an envelope size that fits the account statements?

  • July 2019 update for BusinessVision 2018 and 2019

    We’re excited to announce the release of the Sage BusinessVision July 2019 Payroll Update as part of our long-term commitment to supporting Sage BusinessVision customers. Included in this release are tax and payroll updates and other fixes.


  • Why suddenly at the end of Payroll processing I'm being asked to confirm each email address

    Not sure why, but it's just started with my last payroll processing, I had to manually confirm each recipient 

    Thank you!

  • Direct Deposit Batch Payroll

    Switching to Direct Deposit. I understand I need to use batch payroll for direct deposit. I have weekly hourly employees and bi-weekly and monthly salaried employees. The b-weekly salaried employess are split where some are paid one week and the others…

  • BV December 31, 2020 End of the road - Pervasive 10 - Is this slated for update ?

    I recall reading articles years ago about BV and its reliance on Pervasive 10 which reached its end of life a few years ago, and crystal reports which i think is no longer a thing? 

    I recall there being a limitation with BV that all database access would…

  • January 2019 Payroll Tax Update for Sage BusinessVision

    The January 2019 Payroll Tax Updates for Sage BusinessVision 2017 and Sage BusinessVision 2018/2019 are now available for download. If you are running a version of Sage BusinessVision earlier than version 2017, you must upgrade to the latest version to…

  • Random Cash Rounding Error


    On a regular day on a regular transaction we received a random Gain/Loss on Cash Rounding Credit of 68 billion. No idea how this happened and there's no debit to even it out. We're not able to reverse the transaction, the button just greys out. Any…

  • Customers receiving .dat files instead of .pdf when emailing invoices

    I have a client that's using v2018 and has invoice emailing via setup via the systems settings to go through BV. It has been working great since the update to cut Outlook out of the equation, but recently some customers have started receiving their invoices…

  • Invoice line shows N/C for lot price items

    We have clients who are charged lot pricing, but have multiple invoice lines to outline the scope of the work done. Currently when I invoice, the lines that don't show the price come out as N/C (no charge), and the lot price is at the bottom item line…

  • July 2018 Payroll Update - Now Available

  • Using Webmail with Sage BusinessVision

    Sage BusinessVision 2018 expands the emailing functionality allowing you to use your webmail or your regular email account to send forms such as invoices, statements and purchase orders (to mention a few) without having to reply on your Microsoft Outlook…

  • Sage BusinessVision January 2018 Payroll Tax Update - Now Available