Under Review
over 1 year ago

Need to implement a way to add DUTY to specific items on Purchase Orders

Many companies purchase products from the States and abroad.  The current implementation of BV requires users to receive product and enter in a duty and shipping/freight charge for the entire PO.  This is then distributed even across the items of that particular PO.  This is not proper.  Some items whether shipped from the states or abroad (RE: CETA Agreements) do/do not come with DUTY charges.  For example, if I buy Products A, B, C, and D.  C might ship from the states but in fact be from China.  Therefore I am charged a certain % of duty at the border from item C.  There is no proper way to account for this for two reasons:

(1) if I receive inventory to resell, I cannot actually perform this operation before receiving an invoice and the shipping/brokerage charges 

- Why?  because if I ballpark these charges they do not reflect the real pricing/costs.  

- If I do not enter this in, when the invoice arrives I cannot re-enter the shipping/duty/freight charges because inventory has already been received. 

Major problem. 

(2) There is no way to attribute duty charges to specific items on receipt of goods.  This is a major problem for companies who want to keep a firm grasp of their actual cost of goods.