Under Review

Payment Options

In A/R or A/P, (No Integration with Sage Payments).

When Receiving a payment through A/R, in the Reference Field we would usually type in the payment, CHQ#, VISA, M/O#, etc.

Just wondering if that filed could either be a Type-In as it is now, with the ability to have preset defaults to the type of payment.

This way, it could alleviate some human error, as well as a report for the Day to show monies received for the day, and by payment method.

In the Sales Analysis Reports -> " Daily Sales Summary by Payment Method ", only works pretty much with O/E and P.O.S.  Since now its more common companies are accepting credit cards, and other forms of payments, from accounts that have terms. 

If we could have this option, as well as a report, we could see what needs to be deposited via Cash/Chq, what we should receive from all the Credit Card/Interac Deposit for the next day.