Under Review

Database Backend

Maybe its time to improve the database backend from Pervasive 10.3 to something newer possibly.

Yes I do realize how much work is involved, as well as testing, and other things.

  • Advantages:

    - Its quite possible BV Could be Faster for Retrieval and Posting

    - Integration Add-Ons could possibly be quicker to develop

    - Ease of ensuring compatibility with new Windows Versions and Servers

    - Could make BV Cloud Based Easier

    - SDK to add Plug-In which would be right in BV rather than opening programs and windows for third party

    - Increased capacity of History (I currently have a customer who has a data file that is over 10GB, and Sales History is limited to 5-years, as well with all the other history, and yes I do a purge every year to be consistent. )

    - More Tools to fix database issues

    Can you answer why stick with Pervasive??  Can there be discussions on why not moving to SQL or PSQL ??

    SQL Express is free, which I think most clients would be able to do from the 1 to 10 users.

    Also if client already has SQL, even better.

    PSQL is an open source, and has tremendous amounts of resources and opportunity to grow with data size. As well as support is really good with them as well.

    Sage uses, MySQL, and SQL, for a lot of their products. MySQL would crash for most people on BusinessVision.

    That's why they move to BV from Sage 50.

  • Hello ICT,

    Again, thank you.

    We are interviewing the possibility of updating to the latest version of Pervasive. it would be a tremendous task to transition.

    Can you share, from your perspective the advantages to updating?

    Thank you,