• Receiving items and updating inventory levels prior to receiving invoice for PO

    Current setup:

    1. Items are ordered via PO.  I.e. Order 50 x Product 0 , Order 50 x Product 1, Order 50 x Product 2.
    2. Order arrives. 
    3. Two weeks later the invoice arrives. 

    When we typically receive a PO in it's entirety or in stages (i.e. partial shipments…

  • Inventory Count


    We're counting our inventory and have a couple questions:

    1.  When we do a physical count and it zero's out for us to enter in the actual count, does it also zero out the "Committed" values?

    2. We export our Physical Count to excel…

  • Part numbers


    When we receive a box of say a dozen parts and we're invoiced for (1) item under a given part number, what's the best way to inventory each of those parts so we sell them as a quantity of (1) where the individual prices are a fraction of the total…


    We use BusinessVision for a lot of our orders, and we do  a LOT of clothing orders. So, I'm looking for a way to do a couple things:

    1. When entering line items in Order Entry, have a spot to type in the color name, as well as a quantity in several size…
  • Inventory - batch processing


    We have to take inventory and any advice you have is appreciated.

    • Our inventory is in parts bins on the shelves sorted by product code and then part #
    • I envision batching out of BV by product code to a paper report
    • Taking that report and physically…
  • Taking Inventory


    We want to keep any interruption to day-to-day operations to a minimum, and we need to take inventory.

    Our stock does have product codes and we were thinking of doing it by product code or a subset there of.

    Any recommendations?

    Thanks much…

  • Inventory Count Import

    Can someone please explain the steps to create a file we can import?

    When I go to physical inventory count there is a button that lets you import a .txt file.  We have our inventory count sheets and have typed them all into excel. Is there a certain format…