• I created 2 whs one for regular brand new item, the other one for return goods as refurbished item

    I created 2 whs one for regular brand new item, the other one for return goods as refurbished item, but all returns inventoris are showing neative on availiable qty, is there any way to fix it?

  • PO's posting to Cost of Goods account?

    I have some PO's in history where some of the Inventory GL amount was split into the Cost account. This is going by the sales department Sales/Cost/Inventory accounts, where the inventory items are all using the same sales department, but as far as I…

  • DATABASE QUERY: Find qty of a particular sku that has been purchased/received since date.

    As per the subject, could someone help me with the query to find the Quantity Received since a particular date for a particular SKU ?

    If an order is placed for 10 of SKU(ABC)

    we receive 1 on date X, I'm assuming TODATEQTY would be 1.

    we receive 1…

  • How to correct serial number when doing an order?

    There is a major issue when we enter the serial number on each of the line item at the order.

    Usually, a product includes several bar codes on the package box, for example, serial number, UPC code, EAN etc.

    Problem is that BV pops up the serial number…

  • Auto Generate A Purchase Order

    I am having a problem with some of the products in my inventory NOT populating in the Auto Generate a Purchase Order Function.

    These same products ARE showing up in my Re-Order by Vendor report.

    The Vendor IS set up.

    The O/H inventory IS below the ROP…

  • When error printing invoice, duplicate sales transactions and missing a/r entry.

    We periodically have errors when printing invoices using BV 2019.  When this happens, we have to reprint the invoice to get a paper copy for the customer.

    After the error, the system will typically have a sales transaction and relieve inventory, but not…

  • Physical Inventory

    Hello,  We are wanting to use the BV built in physical inventory for our year end and in looking in the help section it talks about using Palm Pilots to download to and use?  Is there any more current technology that can be used or that people have tried…

  • Returning Customer Goods - Partial Returns and other questions

    As advised by the following Sage City Blog Post (Thanks by the way)  re: https://sagecity.na.sage.com/ca/sage_businessvision/b/sage_businessvision_blog/posts/tips-and-tricks-returning-customer-goods , we tend to do negative cmtd qty returns for our returns…

  • Receiving items and updating inventory levels prior to receiving invoice for PO

    Current setup:

    1. Items are ordered via PO.  I.e. Order 50 x Product 0 , Order 50 x Product 1, Order 50 x Product 2.
    2. Order arrives. 
    3. Two weeks later the invoice arrives. 

    When we typically receive a PO in it's entirety or in stages (i.e. partial shipments…

  • Customer Specific Pricing Levels and Quantity Breaks

    We have customer specific pricing levels setup.  Additionally, for some of our product line we also offer qty breaks.  

    Current procedure:  

    • Customer A is at Pricing Level 2 (which has a 10% increase on prices compared to Pricing Level 1)
    • Customer A purchases…
  • GL Inventory value

    The GL inventory value does not match the physical inventory value. Any suggestions as to how this happens.

  • Yearend Utility and Inventory Count

    Our company has decided to take on this process and we have a few questions.

    I'm already able to export the inventory, update the values in the spreadsheet and reupload them into the system. Am I suppose to do this before or after we use the Yearend…

  • Is anyone using BV for IFRS accounting in Canada?



    Are there any publicly traded companies using BV and complying with the International Financial Reporting Standards?  Just wondering if you've run into anything that the community should be aware of.


    Thank you!

  • On Hold part number?

    I'm having an issue with a part number in our inventory that won't switch back to Active from On Hold.

    It is a regular active part and I'm not sure when it got switched to On Hold, but when I put it back to Active and save it, it still acts as…

  • Why inventory receipt price posted by BV different than PO received price by user?

    when I received inventory of part# 5402830 with unit price of $0.14210 in PO,

    why it posted as $0.15122 with receipt# 20922?

    now its cost in inventory detail tab also shows as incorrect $0.15122? even though in inventory PO tab the price shows correctly…

  • Generate purchase order/sales order for non-stock items

    Is there is a way to copy the item details on a purchase order over to a sales order (or quote) or vice versa, other than exporting and importing.  I've found a solution for stock inventory items but nothing for non-stock items.

  • Product numbers


    Our legacy data includes special characters and odd formatting for part numbers that I guess we made up along the way and I want to standardise them.

    Is there a way to wholesale change part numbers where, for example:

    • export part numbers
    • apply…
  • Reorganize inventory

    I have just completed a reorganization of certain inventory items to allow for a price increase of 7%.  It has all worked properly but when I enter one of the changed items on a purchase order, the old and thus incorrect price comes up.  I believe this…

  • Changes to an Issued PO


    So after I've issued a PO, what do I do with parts that won't be shipped, that is they are no longer avialable, unrealistically back-ordered or subbed to a different number?

    Thanks much,


  • BV 2014 Inventory Pricing Updates

    Hello All,

    We are currently experiencing a bottleneck where our yearly/bi-yearly pricing increase from our 700+ vendors are not being updated in our inventory system effectively.  It seems like a very manual process where we receive pricing increase notification…

  • Multiple product codes from one inventory stack

    I am trying to implement inventory count in BV. 

    Lets say I have two product codes....CODE1 and CODE1B (and perhaps even, a CODE1C)

    I want any version of CODE1 (B, C, etc.) to deduct from CODE1's inventory count. 

    That is, if you sell a CODE1B and CODE1C…

  • Part numbers


    When we receive a box of say a dozen parts and we're invoiced for (1) item under a given part number, what's the best way to inventory each of those parts so we sell them as a quantity of (1) where the individual prices are a fraction of the total…

  • Billing/Tracking hours

    In addition to our warehouse of parts, we have a service division that bills hourly and we have this setup so that the Tech doing the work is actually a Part# and the number of his hours billed is the quantity where the "quantity" of hours "in stock"…

  • Purchase Orders

    We have two warehouses and would like to have a different default "Ship To" address depending on the user location. Any way to set this?

  • Inventory Summary - Unit Sales by month missing after year-end close


    After we performed our Year-end Closing, most of the modules are working fine, except we found out that in inventory module, the Inventory Summary - Unit Sales by months are all gone.

    We have tried to re-organize the inventory module but received the…