• Receiving POs and G/L Inventory value

    I have a BV client who says his G/L inventory account is WAY off to the value of his actual inventory, which is mostly raw materials.

    His inventory value by Sales Dept, report shows an Inventory value of around $1.6 mil, whereas GL account 11300 (inventory…

  • Unable to sell inventory with a negative balance when previously able to do so.

    Used to be able to sell inventory with a negative balance and now unable to do so all of a sudden.  Can anyone help?

  • Year end change

    The company is being restructured with a new year end. (From October 31 to April 30 for example.) How can I change the year end for the company without losing previous data

  • BV webmail - is a record of the sent email kept anywhere?

    When you go into the system settings, Company/Email settings, and change a form from "Use a default desktop email program" to "Use a webmail account" so that BV sends the emails itself, is a record of what's sent kept anywhere? I understood that the user…

  • Export

    Currently, Export is greyed out for one of our users.  Is there a way to turn on Export for a specific user? We do not want to turn on Import, just export.


  • businessvisions administrators manual

    Does BusinessVisions have an administrator manual? I have been working with a business that is using BusinessVisision and they have repeated problems related to printing with BusinessVisions and I am trying to find good resources to troubleshoot with…


    I have a client who wants to use the serial number feature, however, they have shipments where the order qty is sometimes 100 - 500 pieces, all of which are serialized.  

    They do not want to print 20 pages of Serial no. with the invoice.  Is there a way…

  • HELP

    I had my PC reimaged - Outlook 2010 worked well with my BV 2019 and Windows 7 - when I had my PC reimaged - the email does not work anymore.......it just goes to a print screen. I have had 2 IT guys look at my PC anc can not figure it out.....I am annoyed…

  • Double click to open an image attached as a note from BV

    I was wondering if images can be opened directly from BV when attached as a note by double clicking on it. Trying it as is I get the message:
    Unable to open the selected file as there is no application associated with a file of this type
    Which seems…
  • How do I use POS discount?

    When using Point of Sale, I cannot find a way to activate the "discount" feature.  I need to be able to give customers discounts, either by line or entire order.  I have looked for a switch in User Settings, but cannot seem to find where to do…

  • Inventory - CDN and USD


    I have an inventory item in CDN (base currency) and would like to sell to a US customer in USD. Can I use the same inventory item or do i have to set up a new item with USD costing?

    as i get an error message as follows: "The Selling price for…

  • once you have control of auto-post, can you shut it off for pos module?

    One of our retail staff has started doing some bookkeeping and they now have access to Auto-Post.  It defaults to off for book keepers.

    Is there a way they can have it save as on/off instead of defaulting to off?

    The irritation arises when they turn it…

  • Invoice line shows N/C for lot price items

    We have clients who are charged lot pricing, but have multiple invoice lines to outline the scope of the work done. Currently when I invoice, the lines that don't show the price come out as N/C (no charge), and the lot price is at the bottom item line…

  • Will Sage BusinessVision 2018 have more Point Of Sale Accounts?

    "Can you please confirm whether or not, there are any plans to increase the number of "point of sale" accounts in the special accounts to allow for more payment methods for Sage Business Vision 2018?

    We are in an era of Multi-fiat currency…

  • What is the Record Limit (max rows) allowed in a sales order?

    Sage Business Vision 2018 (7.90)


  • Copy button greyed out in Bill of Material

    We use BusinessVision 2014.  

    We want to be able to copy a bill of material from one warehouse to another warehouse. But the 'copy' button is greyed out.  Is there a way to turn it on? Or is there another way to copy a bill of material?

    Thanks in…

  • BV Email question

    I am using BV 7.71 2014

    I have the email working to send quotes etc but does anyone know how to set it up to send a quote to a ship to.  I don't want to send head office the quote only to the branch.

    Ship to allows me to put a different email address…

  • how to open new company

    I am adding am new company to my business and would like to use the same GL account and chart of accounts

  • On Hold part number?

    I'm having an issue with a part number in our inventory that won't switch back to Active from On Hold.

    It is a regular active part and I'm not sure when it got switched to On Hold, but when I put it back to Active and save it, it still acts as…

  • How can you see if BV allows fractional quantities and negative inventory in IC?

    Hi There,

    How can you see if BV allows fractional quantities and negative inventory in IC? I need to know this for the migration from BV to Sage 300 as I will need to turn these options on in Sage 300 if they are being used in Sage BV.


  • BV Vendor Specific Pricing

    Hello, we are using BV 2015 7.73A and we entered some pricing in the Vendor Specific Pricing section and the time period is ending Dec 31, 2015.  We then created a new order for this customer and entered the parts but it does not use the specific pricing…

  • Apply Finance Charges

    In BV Customer Creation, currently every time I click on New, it automatically checks off "Apply Finance Charges"  Is there a way to turn this off as a default?



  • System Error: 605.0.1265 in pvsw.log file

    BusinessVision has stopped working again and I have noticed a new error in the pvsw.log file:

    System Error: 605.0.1265

    I have searched through the knowledgebase and support forum and couldn't find any help on the issue. Has anyone encountered this before…

  • Already logged in?

    I am new to BV and now have a problem logging into my system. When I try it says that myself and all other users that I created are already logged in wih no other PCs running. How do I fix this?

  • F7 function not working for work book

    I have Sage Business Vision and I am unable to get F7 function for workbook to work.  It worked last week and since then I have had to reinstall business vision on computer and have all upgraded but function f7 on Purchase order screen is not working.  I…