• Total Weight on Packing Slip

    Does anyone know how to get the total shipment weight to print on the packing slip?

    Thank you.

  • Crystal Reports Record Number

    I am trying to create a Record Number on our Purchase Order.  When I insert the "Record Number" (from the special fields) it counts a comment on the purchase order as a Record.  Is there a way to modify the Special Field so it does not count the…

  • BOM for Parts alongwith Last Po Detail

    Hi Everyone ,

    i just started working on Sage Business Vision. Have highlighted certain things fro which need some reports .

    I am looking at BOM of Finished Goods and to make the cost accurate i have to fix some items like they are shown in BOM but actually…

  • Digital signature pad

    Is it an option to get a customer to sign his invoice via a digital signature pad in BV? So many require a signature so it would be easiest if they could sign on the copy right at the time of process. Thanks

  • Selective Invoice Printing

    Im just wondering if there's a way to set it up so certain accounts to NOT print the invoice when processing an order and the rest to continue to print as per usual.
    The reason is that we're having more and more customers switch to emailed invoicing…

  • Looking for business partner ...

    Hello All,

    I'm looking for a business partner who can help us with labels.  

    We'd like to have our shipping/inventory labels customized so that the labels would show the customer name and address, the customer purchase order number, our part number…