• querying historical GL Transaction file. (YYYY_GL.btr)

    Is it possible to create a Database View which represents the data from the GL archive data files?

    such as, a view called  2018_GL_TRANSACTIONS which mounts 2018_GL.btr?

    Also wondering if anyone knows why the YYYY_GL.btr files do not have the same column…

  • Looking to add Tags/other descriptions for inventory items via User defined fields.

    I need to add more classifications/descriptions to product code, so wanted to add a couple fields for tags. Does anyone know how in BV to add fields?

  • Sage History Detail

    I do a SQL join of the SAGE_HISTORY_HEADER and SAGE_HISTORY_DETAIL DB tables by the column NUMBER, but I have some HEADER records that don't have any matching DETAIL records.  When I look them up via the application and drill down into the order (invoice…

  • DATABASE QUERY: Find qty of a particular sku that has been purchased/received since date.

    As per the subject, could someone help me with the query to find the Quantity Received since a particular date for a particular SKU ?

    If an order is placed for 10 of SKU(ABC)

    we receive 1 on date X, I'm assuming TODATEQTY would be 1.

    we receive 1…

  • Inventory Details - Summary Tab

    The Summary Tab shows Unit Sales for Last Year and ongoing for current year, and next year?

    How can we change that to show Unit Sales for Year before Last Year, Last Year and Current Year?

    Thank you.

  • Total Weight on Packing Slip

    Does anyone know how to get the total shipment weight to print on the packing slip?

    Thank you.

  • Crystal Reports Record Number

    I am trying to create a Record Number on our Purchase Order.  When I insert the "Record Number" (from the special fields) it counts a comment on the purchase order as a Record.  Is there a way to modify the Special Field so it does not count the…

  • Programmatically create order with vba from ms access

    Anyone have experience with creating orders from an external application that uses VBA?

    I would assume there is two methods:

    1. using an sdk.

    - i once looked into this and you couldn't get access to the sdk without paying for it. which is ridiculous.…

  • Physical Inventory

    Hello,  We are wanting to use the BV built in physical inventory for our year end and in looking in the help section it talks about using Palm Pilots to download to and use?  Is there any more current technology that can be used or that people have tried…

  • BOM for Parts alongwith Last Po Detail

    Hi Everyone ,

    i just started working on Sage Business Vision. Have highlighted certain things fro which need some reports .

    I am looking at BOM of Finished Goods and to make the cost accurate i have to fix some items like they are shown in BOM but actually…

  • Looking for user advise

    Hi All,

    I'm a BV user in a retail/wholesale business. To start, I'd like to activate another column as another search type option in the product lookup search mode. There is a column titled "Alternate". It is a field in the product detail and is something…

  • Why does selling price disappear when UOM is changed?

    I've created a new UOM, and when I change the default sell UOM to the new UOM my margin and selling price disappear on the details tab.  How do I get that to stop happening?  I can't have a sell UOM with no price.  Thanks.

  • Digital signature pad

    Is it an option to get a customer to sign his invoice via a digital signature pad in BV? So many require a signature so it would be easiest if they could sign on the copy right at the time of process. Thanks

  • Add PO at POS

    Is there anyway to manually add a PO number  from the POS screen? We have customers that come in and want to add a PO to there invoice.

  • How to increase size of font on line item

    Is it possible to increase the size of the font for a particular line item?  For example, we insert a line for comments on our packing slips and would like to enlarge it so the shippers don't miss seeing it.  Currently it is the same font as the order…

  • Selective Invoice Printing

    Im just wondering if there's a way to set it up so certain accounts to NOT print the invoice when processing an order and the rest to continue to print as per usual.
    The reason is that we're having more and more customers switch to emailed invoicing…

  • Multiple product codes from one inventory stack

    I am trying to implement inventory count in BV. 

    Lets say I have two product codes....CODE1 and CODE1B (and perhaps even, a CODE1C)

    I want any version of CODE1 (B, C, etc.) to deduct from CODE1's inventory count. 

    That is, if you sell a CODE1B and CODE1C…

  • Looking for business partner ...

    Hello All,

    I'm looking for a business partner who can help us with labels.  

    We'd like to have our shipping/inventory labels customized so that the labels would show the customer name and address, the customer purchase order number, our part number…