• Do we really need Windows Server software to support only 3 clients?

    It would appear that Windows 10 Pro running on a i5 with adequate disk space would be satisfactory. Thanks for any help.

  • Can a windows 7 or 8 machine be used instead of a server 2003 or 2008 unit?

    win 7 or 8 as the server

  • Changes to an Issued PO


    So after I've issued a PO, what do I do with parts that won't be shipped, that is they are no longer avialable, unrealistically back-ordered or subbed to a different number?

    Thanks much,


  • Vendor Selling Price Upload Question

    Hello, would like some help/advice.

    We uploaded a vendor selling price file into BV and there were about 8000 parts.  We later found out we only use 1000 of the parts therefore the system updated 7000 additional parts.  Is there an easy way to delete the…

  • BV 2014 Inventory Pricing Updates

    Hello All,

    We are currently experiencing a bottleneck where our yearly/bi-yearly pricing increase from our 700+ vendors are not being updated in our inventory system effectively.  It seems like a very manual process where we receive pricing increase notification…

  • Part numbers


    When we receive a box of say a dozen parts and we're invoiced for (1) item under a given part number, what's the best way to inventory each of those parts so we sell them as a quantity of (1) where the individual prices are a fraction of the total…

  • Job Cost

    Is there a way to add inventory items to a Job.

  • New BV2014 on Peer to Peer

    I have a l client that has upgraded to Ver7.71A and now gets the BVCon.fil not a valid number message.

    He has setup a peer-to-peer network, which worked great until last Friday when he did the upgrade.

    We've set the gateway, Pervasive Ver 10.30017 - everything…

  • BV 2014 installation Canadian version

    After installation, in some of workstations, MOST icons disappeared.  Including the icons of modules they have permission to get in.

    Help please. Thanks