On Hold part number?

I'm having an issue with a part number in our inventory that won't switch back to Active from On Hold.

It is a regular active part and I'm not sure when it got switched to On Hold, but when I put it back to Active and save it, it still acts as if it's On Hold. I'm not able to add it to Purchase Orders to receive or the Order Entry screen, but I still can add it to an order on the Point of Sale screen.

Any insight or advice would be appreciated. I'm not super well versed in BV but any help you can offer would be great. Part number is quite active in our system so I don't want to lose our history of it.

Thanks for your help,


  • check your available and other figures for the part and copy them done, zero them all out and save. then go back and try to take off hold and save. Re-input your quantities and save again. this worked for us 1 time a while back.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, it didn't work out for me but while trying to work it out the way you described (and trying it with a test part number first,) I may have found the problem. I tried to make the part Inactive and then switch it back. I won't let me put it Inactive though because "the part number is in use in one or more sales orders."

    When I go to the S.O.s tab, there are (3) quotes shown, that seem to have been deleted before my time, that are completely blank and order status is "Unknown". I tried go to the Order Entry screen to permanently remove them but I can't look them up by the quote number from the S.O. tab.

    Any ideas how I can permanently remove these quotes that don't seem to exist?
  • try going into "order entry" module and delete the quotes
  • I go there and the quotes don't exist. I tried typing in the quote number into Order Number and nothing comes up. The quotes listed are 708, 811 and 887 and the ones in the Order Entry module start at 1148. The only record I can find of the quotes is under the S.O. tab of my broken part number.
  • so how many are there in "committed quantity" and "available quantities" for the part