Already logged in?

I am new to BV and now have a problem logging into my system. When I try it says that myself and all other users that I created are already logged in wih no other PCs running. How do I fix this?

  • Hi Richard B;

    When you get this message that you are already logged in but are not.  This means you have the userslog turn on. If you do not exit correctly out of Sage BusinessVision it will keep your user id in the userslog.btr file (text file that will add the user id when the user logs into Sage BusinessVision and then delete the user id when the user logs out.).

    To correct this; you will need to go into this company data folder.  You can locate the path to your company data on the company selection list by highlighting the company only and looking at the working directory.  Once you have the path to the data, use start, computer, and open up the company data folder.  Look for the file userslog.btr.  Rename this file to userslog.old or delete the userslog.btr (make sure you only delete the userslog.btr please).  Once this is done you will be able to log into your company again.