Part numbers


When we receive a box of say a dozen parts and we're invoiced for (1) item under a given part number, what's the best way to inventory each of those parts so we sell them as a quantity of (1) where the individual prices are a fraction of the total?

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  • Hi QEDDave;

    To setup inventory that you will be receiving (stocking) in boxes but selling as each would be to use the Unit of Measure (UOM).  In the Unit of Mearuse tab on the inventory item you would setup a UOM Code call boxes and give a description .  This will be the UOM Code that is stocking code.  Then you setup a second UOM Code call EA (each), give a desciption and set up Quantity factor that there is 12 eaches in a box and chekc on sell unti of measure.  Now there are three icon beside the UOM code.  For Boxes you want to have the stock and purchases icon and beside the EA you want to have to selling.  This means that you will receive and stock in boxes but sale only as each. Once all this is setup then you receive in your stock for this new part.

    I hope this helps but there are select KB artilces about unit of measure (UOM) that you can look up in the customer portal too.