Print hours on paystubs

Hello,  We are using Sage Businessvision. 

BC Employment Standards says we must show the hours worked for Salaried employees.   There is no place to enter the hours for Salary staff so how do I enter the hours so that it prints on the paystub?

  • You can show the hours on the stub for salaried employees (Tested this a few minutes ago) - go to the payroll - employee setup - amounts tab. In the payments box where you have entered a salary amount, also set a regular time value of $0.00. When you create your time cards, the salary is automatically entered, at this point you will add another line to the time card, select 'regular' in the pay type drop-down. enter the number of hours worked, paying $0.00 per hour. - This now shows up on the pay cheque pay stub.  Note: each timecard has to be manually entered, so this wont work for batch payroll. Also - the pay stub now shows the salary paid and then another line that shows hours (but it shows xx hours at 0.00)

  • 2nd solution is to enter the hours as 'other' from the pay type drop down when you do each time card. Same issue with the the 'xx hours at 0.00' appearing on the pay stub. If you have someone that can edit your forms using report designer, open the pay cheque .rpt, edit the  'label other hours worked' where the line is "     then "(" + Totext(OtherHours, 2, "") + " hours at " + totext(OtherRate, 2) + ")" and remove the last part of this line and edit it so it reads "    then "(" + Totext(OtherHours, 2, "") + " hours)". Now the 0.00 rate wont show up if you use 'other' as the type of pay that you are recording the hours on.