Company Login File Access Error

 We have Business vision installed on multiple network computers. This only happens on the one computer. Our license file is on a network share. This error is not happening when our admin logs into his windows account and then tries logging into the specific company on business vision. If another user tries logging into the company via our admins logged in windows account, it works as well.  But if anyone tries to log into their windows account and log into the company, it gives this error. The error occurs for the admin when he tries logging into the company when using another's windows account.  If we try logging into a company that doesn't have any recurring journal entries configured, this error does not occur. I tried putting my account in all the same domain security groups that our main admin uses and i still have the error. It seems really weird because these issues do not occur on other computers. 
I tried reinstalling bv2018/bv2019/payroll-tables  from scratch on the computers local/admin account and also from scratch with my domain admin account, both with "run as administrator". 

anyone have any ideas?