Double click to open an image attached as a note from BV

I was wondering if images can be opened directly from BV when attached as a note by double clicking on it. Trying it as is I get the message:
Unable to open the selected file as there is no application associated with a file of this type
Which seems to indicate there should be a setting somewhere that I can make an association, but I don't see anything in the obvious places (system settings) and the server BV is running on does have a default program set to open images.
  • Notes are usually text-based. However, if you purchase the CustomPack module, you can create a note that contains documents, graphics, and any other file as an attachment. You do this using the Document Linking window.

  • Quick note first the link you provided goes to an expired page.

    But yes we have custom pack, and I'm working on adding document attachments with my own program but also testing it by creating them in BV. The effect I'm looking for is when you double click on it BV it opens the file in an appropriate program.

    I just tested this with an attached word document and it works just fine, but attaching an image separately (not using my program) it still gives me the error listed above about needing an application associated with the file. 

    I'm working on a Windows Server 2008 R2 here and just to be sure I went into the default programs and set all images to launch from MS Paint. So then I attach another image to notes in BV, and I see the Paint icon beside it like you see the Word icon beside an MS word document, even gave the server a reboot just to make sure, but it still gives me that error when clicking on attached image line.

  • One more comment, I was thinking maybe the problem was with the file type but I try to use BV directly with the "Create and Attach" option to create and add a BMP file but I get the same error here.

  • maybe try picture viewer which is a part of Microsoft office

    or paste the image on a word doc

  • Yes the MS office picture viewer ended up working. I think what happened here is that the Windows Photo Viewer was initially set as the default but got removed from the server at some point, and BV wouldn't accept ms paint here which is the first alternative I tried.