Modify Serial Numbers at Order Entry?

We would like to use the Serial Number system in BV but it seems to be lacking any flexibility to really make it usable.

We are not entering Serial Numbers upon receipt. They would be entered during the order process

Here is our process:
Customer Service enters a new order.
New order notice is sent to our shipper who pulls up the order in the system.
Shipper picks the product, records the serial# and prints packing slip to complete order.

Problem is that BV pops up the serial number entry window as soon as you add a serialized line item and quantity, and locks you into the serial numbers with no way to modify?

Customer Service doesn't know the serial# and the order might not even be shipped for a while (ie credit hold).

I thought we could get around this by just entering 'X' at order entry and then modified the entry when the product is actually picked and we have the serial number but there does not appear to be a way to do this. Is there no button to modify the serial number on an order?  It's still an open order, has not been invoiced so I would expect to still be able to edit all the information including serial#s.

The only way I have found to get the serial# window back up is to change the quantity of the item. But you then have to remove entries, add new ones and run the risk of making an error on the quantity.  Is there really no way to modify serial# on an open order?