Returning Customer Goods - Partial Returns and other questions

As advised by the following Sage City Blog Post (Thanks by the way)  re: , we tend to do negative cmtd qty returns for our returns to balance out inventory and the books.  My question is, is this the acceptable practice for partial returns?  


  1. Customer Purchases Product #0, #1, #2, #3
  2. Customer visits the store 5 days from now, and wishes to return Product #0, and #1
  3. If I were to look at the original invoice and create a copy as a reversed order (see linked blog article), all items would be reversed but in this instance only 2 items are being returns and I want to put them back into inventory.  

Thus, should I create a new Work Order (Order Entry) for that customer, add in Product #0 and Product #1 and submit negative cmtd qty's?  i.e. Order Entry (Customer A) - Product #0 and Product #1 with negative commited quantities.  i.e. "Credit #1"

How about balancing the books, can I or should I link all three ledger activities together ?  i.e. Unlink the original invoice with the payment that was successful (i.e. Invoice #1 and Payment #1 - original purchase).  Now should I link Invoice #1, Payment #1, Credit #1 ?  Should I be creating some sort of transaction or "payment" history to link as a fourth item that includes the authorization number or something of the return amount ?

Any help appreciated.