Receiving items and updating inventory levels prior to receiving invoice for PO

Current setup:

  1. Items are ordered via PO.  I.e. Order 50 x Product 0 , Order 50 x Product 1, Order 50 x Product 2.
  2. Order arrives. 
  3. Two weeks later the invoice arrives. 

When we typically receive a PO in it's entirety or in stages (i.e. partial shipments) we are unable to enter the products into inventory until the invoice is received.  (I.E. Receive all - post an invoice against the PO to close it off).  Is there a way to receive product, have that be entered into inventory and then close off the PO when the invoice arrives a week or two later?

Any help is appreciated.  

  • the inventory levels do not change until the PO is closed or you have to manually change them through the inventory module before and after it is closed

  • Actually, I don't believe this is correct.  As per Sage BV 2012+ you can receive items and reflect this in your inventory, without closing the actual PO.  

    However, with BV 2012 the problem is.  When you receive inventory on the fly to reflect your inventory items and sell product prior to receiving an invoice, there is absolutely no way to modify the cost of the items on that PO even if you have not recorded an invoice against it or closed it out.  This sucks, so price variation has to be reflected via a journal entry posted when inventory variance then comes into play and then you have to manually reflect the cost difference in inventory later.  

    I am hoping this is changed in BV 2018.  Not sure?

  • currently we are using 2013 which does not apply any inventory received until the PO is closed. I believe this was changed in order that the problems prior with price variances would not have to be corrected with journal entries as you have suggested. And if you accept a negative amount to zero out the inventory received it will enable you to change the price. From there you accept the inventory again at the corrected price all before the PO is closed. If the PO is closed you then would have to manually correct everything.