Customer Specific Pricing Levels and Quantity Breaks

We have customer specific pricing levels setup.  Additionally, for some of our product line we also offer qty breaks.  

Current procedure:  

  • Customer A is at Pricing Level 2 (which has a 10% increase on prices compared to Pricing Level 1)
  • Customer A purchases Part #0 which retails for (0.25 cents for Price Level 1 and 0.28 cents for Price Level 2) individually. 
  • A quantity break has been manually setup in the system that reflects Price Level 1 pricing, thus Part #0 when bought (10 at a time) is 0.20 cents. 

If customer A walks in and buys Part #0 (x10) he will get them for 0.20 cents.  I have to manually set it to (0.20 x 1.10 = 0.22).  This requires significant effort - I have to look up the customer every time, look up the item / product and see whether a qty break exists, if so, I have to manually perform the calculation to set it.  Time + Error potential. 

Wish List: 

  • Customer Specific Pricing + Qty Breaks

Is this currently possible ?  Is this where the Customer Disc. Price factors into the mix (is it best handled here) ?